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You must always face your problems. In order to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way, you must address the problem. Problems happen to all of us, and there is seldom a time in our lives when we can say that we are free of them.

While it is true that we must always face our problems, there is a difference between facing a problem and dwelling on it. When you are dwelling on the problem, you are basically reliving an old situation and re-creating every emotions and personal hardships you faced at that time. To dwell on the problem is really a negative thing to do because it really just creates more and more of the original problem. This is the case because while dwelling on the problem, you are not able to see the solution. Solutions can only be attained by seeing outside the problem and this cannot be done if all you’re doing is just concentrating on the problem and not allowing your mind to see things in a  ‘broadness view’; this is required in order to see beyond this problem to the solution.

To face the problem means that you are acknowledging that something went wrong but that you are aware of the fact that you will not find a solution by focusing strictly on the problem. To face the problem properly you first need to take on an objective stance, where you see the problem or whatever negative situation might have occurred, as a spectator watching a performance and not as an actor participating in that performance. The subtle difference here lies in the fact that you must remove yourself from the situation by no longer seeing yourself as being part of the situation. In this way you can look, at whatever problem or situation, from a distance and therefore not be affected emotionally by what has occurred. With this ‘objective perspective’, you should be able to see many things that led to this problem and in this way find solutions.

Secondly you must also let yourself feel some of the emotions that this problem has caused you. The reason for this is that these emotions are not your enemy, they are really allies that will help you to investigate your inner perceptions and will help you find out exactly why this problem manifested itself in the first place. Any emotion that is explored becomes an incredible helping force that gives you the energy needed to go deeply into your conscious awareness; you can then find the reason for the problem, and intuit solutions to overcome it.

Next time that you have a negative emotion, when you are reliving an old problem, realize that this emotion is really an ally that is here to help you. A good way to use emotions to solve problems is to slowly allow yourself to experience these emotions while you are reliving the problem from an objective  and somewhat detached point of view. In this way you can control how much emotion you feel and can then use these emotions as a type of fuel for your introspections. Like I have stated before; the simplest way to use these emotions is simply to just ask yourself “why?” as you experience them. This simple question will allow you to backtrack and to discover your personal beliefs in this situation. By understanding your beliefs you begin to become aware of a broader perspective and the reasons why this problem came to fruition in the first place. While reliving these emotions you might also find yourself experiencing certain flashes or insights that could give you great clues as to how to overcome this problem now and in the future.

There is no way to move forward until you face a problem. If you do not face the problem it will always be there, either haunting you or re-manifesting itself and creating new problems for you. The need to overcome a problem is paramount in moving forward in your life. If you are not able to do this you will not be able to move forward, and quite possibly, you will just segment yourself off from certain activities and thoughts because of your fear of experiencing these problems in the future.

Face your problems and gain personal strength. Once you realize that facing problems greatly increases your self-esteem, and when you realize also that any negative emotions that you might feel as you face these problems are just allies there to help you, you will find that facing problems is actually quite a positive thing. By facing problems you feel powerful and not powerless, as a result you become happier and have therefore cycled completely around, and in this way have turned a negative into a positive.

We all naturally seek more happiness in our lives. I suppose you could say that life and living is really a struggle for pleasure; where most organisms seem to seek pleasure and stay away from pain. We to tend to classify what we consider to be good as pleasure and what we consider to be bad as pain. It is the case then that we seek happiness because happiness usually means that we are accomplishing what we want, and getting the things that we desire from life.

In our modern consumer age most of the things that bring us happiness tend to be things that we buy. It is also the case that we qualify these material things through price, where things that are more expensive, are supposedly higher quality, and therefore tend to bring us more happiness. Basically the more expensive the thing is that happier it tends to make us. This does skew our definition of happiness, where we believe that the only way to truly be happy is to be very wealthy. To a great extent this is a delusion created by our consumer society, by a market that is interested in getting us to purchase as much as possible for the highest price.

Most of the things that we want then are expensive. We all believe that true happiness comes by being a millionaire and being able to afford giant villas and drive incredibly expensive cars. This consumer front, propagated by corporate greed, has even skewed our personal relations. It is a well-known fact, expounded by consumer propaganda, that the best way to show your love to a woman is to buy her an expensive diamond. Children and adults tend to judge their status, and therefore their happiness, by the kind of goods that they have access to. If you have the most expensive cell phone and are wearing top-of-the-line shoes then you are happy, because as we are all told, this is the epitome of status, freedom, and personal power.

It must be understood though that even the rich are not happy if they do not understand what true happiness is all about. Tabloids are full of stories about the troubles and hardships of the very rich and famous. Their money does not insulate them from relationship problems, self-esteem problems, and the desire to be truly loved. Wealth is therefore no assurance of happiness; it might relieve some problems and make some things a lot easier but it also serves to create new problems.

True happiness then cannot be bought, it must be found through other means. I am not saying that you should stop trying to become wealthy, or that you should give up on your dreams. What I’m trying to say here is that while wealthy is a good thing and can provide many of the things that you might want in your life, in order to be truly happy you must look beyond money and prestige.

True happiness, as Nietzsche said, comes from power. To be more precise happiness comes from a feeling of personal power, it comes from a feeling of freedom, and from not feeling powerlessness. The best way to attain this kind of happiness is to become more yourself; by paying attention to your own needs and by always trying to grow as much as possible as an individual. The world in general does not like individuals; the world loves to impress upon you the need for you to conform to the herd and the safety that can be found in just being one of the crowd. Personal power then is developed through the personal awareness needed to identify your own needs and desires, and through the courage needed to implement whatever is required in order to do what you want. When you’re being truly yourself, you will feel happy; this kind happiness cannot be bought, and while you can gain some confidence through wealth, this kind of internal power can only be attained through personal growth and personal perseverance.

Once you have the personal power spoken of above, you will be free. Free to experience fully all the love, laughter, and passions in your life. Freedom from external influence and strong enough to pursue your ideals. You can then create the freedom that you need in order to truly begin to experience your life. You can’t buy happiness, but you can develop it through personal growth.






Hypnosis is defined as; an artificially induced trance state resembling sleep, characterized by a heightened susceptibility to suggestion.

Hypnosis then is one way to go into trance. It is good to be clear on the fact that hypnosis is not trance but just one way to attain trance. Why this is important is because, in personal change, trance is very important while hypnosis is just one method of attaining this most important state.

Hypnosis essentially requires a hypnotist. The hypnotist basically becomes a guiding force for the patient and becomes an authoritative figure that leads to patient’s consciousness into a desired state. This is a very powerful way to achieve a trance state but it does have some flaws.

First of all, hypnosis takes it for granted that in order to hypnotize someone you need to have them go into a lethargic sleep like state. Now if the ultimate outcome of  hypnosis is attaining a trance state, then you must realize that you do not need to going to a sleep like state to get there. a trance state can also be achieved through great excitation, this can be seen when you witness an athlete performing a difficult physical task or when you see people achieve ecstatic states while dancing.

Hypnosis also tends to function much better with a hypnotist. It is possible to get yourself into a self hypnosis state, but these states are usually weaker than anything that can be achieved with the hypnotist. Now this is the case because you are following hypnotic procedure in order to try and achieve a trance. You can though achieve a trance by yourself that is far stronger than anything that you can achieve through self hypnosis. Trance states therefore are far easier to achieve than self hypnosis.

There is great contention as to who can be hypnotized. Many experts believe that only highly suggestible people can become hypnotized, that there is a large number of people out there that cannot be hypnotized or that some people cannot be put into a hypnotic trance that is very strong. While this might or might not be true, it is fact that anyone can go into a trance state. A trance state can best be defined as a complete focus of the consciousness on one object or subject. So any time that you are completely focused on one thing, and you are ignoring or not aware of everything else around you, you are any trance state.

Why are trance states so important? They are important because they are the best way possible to implant a belief into your subconscious. In order to do this you focus your mind completely on your desired belief or thought. The trance is achieved when you are able to focus your mind completely on this thought or belief to the exclusion of everything else. Another way to say this is that any thought or belief that you are able to maintain in your mind while in a state of complete mental silence, becomes a command to your subconscious. In this way you are able to consciously program yourself by correctly affecting your subconscious beliefs and actions.

There are two major ways to achieve trance. The first that we have mentioned is the one taken by the hypnotist; this is achieved by getting yourself into a very relaxed, almost sleep like state, where through complete body relaxation you are able to focus your conscious mind on a single goal. The other method which I briefly mentioned is through excitation; this trance state is achieved by getting yourself in an incredibly excited state. A trance state achieved through excitation can be achieved through great physical stress for example. Native people of the world can be seen attaining these types of trances through drumming, dancing, and wild agitation.

The fact of the matter is though that there is no need to go into either extremes to create a trance like state that is most useful. You can for example create the perfect trance state while being completely awake and not gyrating to the drumbeats of jungle rhythms. In order to do this all you have to do is train yourself to focus completely on one thought or desire. In order to develop the kind of concentration that you need, I suggest you read the article Learn The Power of Concentration.

By knowing that the active ingredient of hypnosis is trance, and by knowing that a trance can be achieved through many varied methods, which do not need to involve hypnosis, you can begin to create your own methods to achieve trance states that are far simpler and far more powerful. Remember that a trance state is your full and complete mental concentration on one object or idea. As such then you are constantly in different states of trance as you go about your day. Personal trance states are natural to all of us and they can be used by us at any time to help us achieve our goals.

In our lives we all have many goals and we would like to accomplish. There is always one task or another and always a reason why we have to get something done, goal setting therefore is something that we should all take seriously and that we should all strive to become very good at.

Perhaps the best way to accomplish any goal is to write the goal down. By writing a goal down you make it concrete, and this has a wonderful way of enticing your mind and therefore all of the powers that you have access to, to help you accomplish this task.

We can run into problems though when are trying to accomplish goals. Sometimes we set our sights too high or we forget to consider things that are very important. Writing your goals down does help you in being able to examine these goals and take a closer look at them. Once your goals are written down you can take a closer look at what it is that you want to accomplish.

There are also other things that we can do to make sure that the goals that we have set for ourselves are doable. Before you start a goal, consider these questions so that you are able to see whether you have set the bar too high for yourself or whether you have not considered certain important things that might hinder you.

Ask yourself before you start:

Is the goal that I have set specific? When I wrote this goal down, did I write down a specific goal? The more specific you can be about the kind of task that you wish to accomplish, the easier it will be for you to accomplish it. Sometimes people make broad statements like, “I getting a new house”. Without adding any explicit ideas about the specifics of this goal, like; what kind of house, where, when, etc. Always try to make your goal as specific as possible.

Can you measure your goal? If you achieve this goal can you say you have achieved it? Try to make your goals measurable so that you know when they are achieved and how much you have left to achieve them.

Do you think you can actually accomplish your goal? This might seem like a redundant question; that you might try to accomplish something that you don’t think you can accomplish. It is worth considering this point though, and taking time to really think about it. What would it take to accomplish the goal that you have set for yourself. Be honest; can I see myself doing it? Does accomplishing it make me feel good?

Is the goal realistic? After doing a little research, and after finding out a little more as to what it would take to get this done; is your imagination getting the best of you or do you still think that this goal is doable?

Do you have a timeline for your goal? Getting yourself a timeline for your goal is very important. Without a timeline you could spend years thinking about your goal and exactly what you’re going to do without ever really doing a thing. Having a timeline is also very important because it allows you to consider what you need to do and when the best time to do something is.

Are you passionate about the journey towards your goal? It is also very important that you are passionate about accomplishing your goal. If you do not feel any passion or desire towards accomplishing your goal, it will be very hard for you to get yourself to expand the kind of energy that it might take to accomplish your desire. Make sure that the passion for the journey is there or you might not get started at all.

Is the goal natural for you? Do you have natural talent that will help you to accomplish your goal? In other words; is this going to be a cakewalk or are you going to be going uphill all the way?

Do the important people in your life understand your goal? There are goals we wish to accomplish without others getting in the way. There are also goals that are very important that we would like to share with others. Make sure that you realize for yourself how you wish to accomplish this goal. Do you want others to know and get involved? If so; do those people that you care about clearly understand what you are trying to do? Do want to keep this goal quiet and get it done on your own without interference?

Are you ready for the voyage? After putting the goal down on paper and doing a little research into what it might take to get it done, are you ready for the struggles and pleasures of getting this goal accomplished? This is a great question and relates directly to timing, it will allow you to search your feelings and in that way decide when to begin.

By writing your goals down and using the questions above, you will be able to find out for yourself whether the goals that you have set are doable or not. If you can follow this procedure for all the goals that you set for yourself, you will see that accomplishing what you wish to do will be far easier and far more rewarding.






Your first line of defense in tornado weather is always the ability to spot one. If you know one is coming ahead of time then you have more time to be able to find shelter or get out of the region.

All States and Provinces have what is referred to as a “Weather Watch” and this can be further classified into a “Tornado Watch” when the threat becomes high enough. If you live in a tornado prone zone then make sure that you keep track of any kind of weather watch; the reason for this is that certain strong conditions can quickly change into tornado prone weather. If you stay ahead of the game by preparing for a tornado when there is only a severe storm watch, then you will be ahead of the game.

As soon as a “weather watch” of any kind is called, make sure that you stay close to your TV, or radio so that you get up to the minute warnings. The best thing to have is a battery operated weather radio that is small enough so that you can take it wherever you go. The weather reports will keep you advised on the path of the storm, whether the storm has indeed turned into a tornado, and when you can resume regular activity in your area.

Study up on meteorology and learn how to read possible tornado storms. Tornados tend to form when the weather is weirdly hot or humid. The tornado begins because cold and hot air masses collide and create a vortex of contending temperatures. There are often large and unusually strong sudden gusts of air just before a tornado starts. This begins as the two colliding air masses strike each other and begin to exchange energy. Many say that when the sky turns green, it is a sure sign that a tornado is about to be created. Keep an eye out for these odd colorations in the sky as they are portents of fowl storms and tornados.

Any time that you see large or small clouds begin to spin about, take shelter or get out of the area as quickly as you can. If it is raining really hard, it becomes very difficult to see the clouds above. If this is the case then take it for granted that you are in danger and move as quickly as you can to the best shelter that you can find. A spinning mass of clouds can sometimes seem like a large rain storm moving quickly along, in this case look just above and just below the cloud base to see if you can see any spinning movement. If you do see spinning, you are most likely seeing the beginning of a tornado. Even when the clouds seem to be moving around slowly, realize that they are sometimes miles from the center of the storm and are often far more massive then they may appear. Any cloud moving in even a slow vortex means that there is an incredibly powerful core driving this movement.

Tornados can change direction very quickly and move incredibly fast. Even in a fast moving car, you may not be able to outrun them. Stay alert for signs of the tornado so that you never put yourself in a situation where you might be trapped with no place to go. Do not take any chances when confronted with the possibility of a tornado, find shelter as soon as possible. At night keep your ears open and listen for any large thunderous noise. An incoming tornado can sound like a freight train coming straight at you, if you hear this noise then assume you are in the path of a tornado.

To spot a tornado:

  • Always keep a battery operated radio with you.
  • Stay most vigilant during Tornado season( January to November)
  • Watch out for any bad weather condition
  • Monitor storms as they may develop tornados
  • Check for a green sky
  • Be alert to any sudden and unexpected wind gusts
  • Check above and below large cloud base for spinning
  • Keep an ear open for sounds of a freight train
  • ALWAYS, know where the closest shelter is so that you can go to it instantly





There is nothing better to lift up your spirits and renew your sense of purpose then to acknowledge your daily accomplishments. Doing this allows you to recognize the progress that you made during this day. Any type of acknowledgment, also has a great way of lifting your spirits because it’s sort of like doing an appreciation of the good things in your life, and there is no better way to get into a good mood then to appreciate everything.

We all seem to have a much easier time focusing on all the bad things that happened during the day. I suppose that this is natural, it is sort of like trying to find good news, no one is really that interested. We must though train ourselves to see more of the accomplishments and the good things that we have done instead of always focusing just on the bad. If you do this, and begin to focus on your accomplishments for the day, I think that you will soon discover that it is a pleasurable thing because it creates such good feelings.

It is never a good idea to make the last thoughts that you have in the day negative. It is always good effort, when we take the time to focus on the good of the day instead of the bad. You will find that if you go to sleep thinking good thoughts, you will most likely wake up thinking good thoughts as well. Train yourself then to think good thoughts and to acknowledge the good things just before you go to sleep.

Here are four good questions that will help you with your days appreciation:

– When today did I act close to or just like I desire to be?

– What did I get done today that I really wanted to do?

– In what way did I make a difference in someone’s life today?

– What cool and unexpected things happened to me today?

When appreciate your day, there is no need for you to try and look for the amazing things. Every little thing counts and the world is made of all the small moments working together. When you look back through your day to find things to appreciate, think of the little things that you saw and did and realize that it is the things that will shape your greater reality and it is for these things that you must appreciate.

You will be incredibly surprised at how you feel if you just learn to appreciate your day and to acknowledge all the things that you did today that made a difference in yourself and in others. There is no greater way to close your day then to put together a list of all the things that were positive and wonderful today. Even if you were to stand still and let the world flow past you for the entire day, I bet that there would be many things that would still be positive and worth appreciating. Life happens to us and we also act on life; both of these aspects flow together in perfect balance so that our lives are made up of this wonderful dance of action and reaction. Take the time every night to acknowledge your accomplishments of the day and you will sleep better and wake up feeling better as well.






We all go through times in our lives we feel that we are stuck. This is a natural feeling that can happen to anyone of us, and you should not let it get you down. The feeling of being stuck; that you don’t have the ability, the resources, or the right attitude to get yourself into a better place, is a natural feeling that we all go through. It is good to always remember that this is just a feeling that will pass and that if you give it enough time, you will once again discover your courage. In other words be kind to yourself.

Sometimes we convince ourselves that things are too hard and that there is no way that we will be able to accomplish what want to do. In order to get over these feelings you must learn to find your passion. Passion and deep desire are the great motivators that will allow you to put in the effort to accomplish anything that you want in your life. You will be amazed at how creative you truly are when you’re motivated enough to accomplish your desires.

Here are some techniques you can use to get over that feeling of being stuck:

1. Try and finish the sentence, “if I had more time, I would_________” or “if I wasn’t so old, I would____”.

Finishing these sentences will get you thinking along the lines of what you would do if you would not place the obstacles of time in your way. Another wonderful sentence to try is, “if I could not fail, I would____”. Make a long list of all of the answers that you get by trying to finish these sentences. Do this exercise in a joyous manner, allowing your imagination to soar free, and in this way not inhibiting yourself or your possibilities.

2. Look at the list that you have created above and go through it to see which items get you very excited. Separate these items from the list and put them on a shorter list. The trick here is to be able to separate from your list only those things that truly gets you excited, that you have a deep desire in accomplishing. Perhaps there’s only one item on the list that makes you feel this way, this is all right since what you are trying to do here is to find what truly motivates you at this moment in time. You can always go back in the future and make a new list to find new passions then.

3. Now let us say that after doing the techniques above you have one item on your list that you are very passionate about, something that you desire to do very much. Think about this item and imagine yourself doing it, try to create a very vivid visualization of you accomplishing or doing your desire. Ask yourself after doing this; “does the pleasure of doing this outweigh the pain of getting it done?”
If the pleasure of doing or accomplishing this goal is great enough then the pain in trying to get it done will be worth it to you. Whenever you need motivation, just imagine yourself having accomplished this goal again, as vividly as you can, feeling the great pleasure from doing what you want, and this will be enough motivation to overcome the pain of your hurtles.

4. It is also a good idea to always examine your negative feelings as you contemplate achieving the above task. Do this by trying to find out for yourself why you are having these feelings. Simply asking yourself “why?”, will eventually take you deep enough into your conscious being so that you can answer for yourself what beliefs you are having at the moment. Examine then these beliefs logically and objectively, ask yourself again if these beliefs that you are having seem correct to you. If they are correct, is there a way that you can work around them or find ingenious new ways to overcome them and change them.

Sometimes it is even success that stops us from taking chances. We would rather settle for what we have, than to push ourselves and perhaps lose what we have in order to attain new things. Using the above technique you should be able to discover why you think that you are stuck and you think youcan’t accomplish something. Learn to overcome these old beliefs by first becoming very passionate about your new goals and then by challenging these old beliefs.

Never settle for what you have, always strive for more and in this way grow and become a better you. Never settle for feelings of being stuck, you can always have and do more if you are just willing to push yourself a little bit.






Many want to know how they can help others.  They find themselves in a good place in their lives, and they wish to share the wealth that they now have.  Many now are also discovering their spirituality and are seeking a meaningful way to connect with the world.

A great way to learn empathy, is to give of yourself to those that are in need.  Identifying with those that are in need and connecting with them on the spiritual level allows anyone, who takes the time, to discover the brotherhood of man.  This is a way to connect with your heart and to feel the love that binds us all together.

There are many would be volunteer organizations.  There are many amazing groups out there that are doing wonderful things for people, animals, and the environment.  There is no better way that I can think of than to volunteer for one of these great organizations. There are also many ‘Volunteer Vacation’ organizations out there collecting your money to give you the ‘pre-packaged’ volunteer feeing; they make a profit and you feel good supposedly. Make sure that you choose wisely.

But if you are having trouble finding a group or organization to work with, may I suggest a great alternative; I suggest you get a retail job.  Sure this sounds like a joke, but I am being very serious.  It is something that just about anyone can do and it is one of the greatest ways to connect and help others.  There are actually very few things that are as challenging and as enlightening as trying to maintain a retail job and to engage in customers service.  You can usually choose your hours and there’s always a good demand for this kind of work in any large city.  You can use whatever money you make to either donate to a good cause or to help you help others in your family with whatever they might need. Forget about sales quotas and silly corporation demands on you, and truly just try your best to help another human being in the best way that you can.

In this retail jobs, try to truly be helpful to others.  Try to give them the very best service that you can, doing the very best that you can do, in anything that you do for the customer.  Try to be empathic so that you can do for them what they really need in the best way that you can.  Look around and make sure that you do not ignore anyone and that you see anyone before you as a person that needs your help.

Be patient.  A retail job is a difficult thing, many believe that a retail sales person can be talked down to, that they are there to be used.  This requires great sobriety, patience, and personal control on your part.  You will be required to see beyond the petty person that stands before you and to have the patience and loving nature to be able to help them in the face of difficult circumstances.  Depending on where you work, you will need to learn all of the requirements that are needed to be a good and loving soul.

Always send others good energy.  Be a source of loving kindness, open your heart then even to the most demanding people.  Opening your heart when faced with such difficult individuals is truly a monumental task, it requires a kind of growth that many find difficult, even those wishing to take on a life of spirituality and kindness.  Send love and light from your heart to all those that you help and all those that enter whatever store you work at.

Many believe that they must travel around the world to find a place where they can help others.  But this is not the case, you can find some of the most challenging environments in the world just a few blocks from your house.  If you believe that these people require less help than the poor in other areas, then I suggest that you take more time to study your spiritual beliefs.  All people require your loving kindness, the loving heart makes no judgment, to help one individual completely with all your heart is powerful no matter where you are or what you are doing.  If you are interested in opening your heart and helping others, then I suggest that you take a retail job and try one of the most challenging spiritual experiences that you will ever have.







It is difficult to come across anything on positive mental change without coming across the term ’affirmation’. The dictionary defines affirmation as:
1. The act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.
2. The assertion that something exists or is true.

Both are actually good definitions of affirmation. Affirmations can be said to be your commitment to an intention to goal; to make the mind and will clear, so that you are committed to believing that a certain thing is true. In some instances it can also be said to be a type of personal challenge, where you tell yourself that this is so and will be so because you say it is so. An affirmation then, as it relates to positive mental change, can closely be said to be defined as an assertion that something is true, whether this something is physically true or not. In other words an affirmation is a way to help you believe that something is true, even though it might not be true in an objective sense.

A good affirmation should be:

Positive; it should be a positive statement in the sense that it should talk about creation and you creating something instead of destruction or you destroying something. It should be positive also in the sense that it makes you feel good and saying the affirmation lifts your spirits and makes you feel better.

Here and now
; a good affirmation needs to be stated in such a way that you are experiencing said affirmation at this very moment. What is meant by this is that you must make your affirmation statement so that it is in the present tense. For example you should say, “I am now…”, And not, “I will…”.

Doable; what this means is that an affirmation should be something that you think is possible. This is a tricky subject because it is a subjective opinion, whether you believe that certain thing can or cannot be done. In order to get this right what you need to do is to examine your own beliefs and try and create an affirmation that you believe is plausible.

Another thing to remember is that you should pay complete attention to your affirmation as you are saying it. Most believe that an affirmation can just be said in a robotic fashion and that this is good enough to change your state. You must give the affirmation your full attention, and if your mind can’t stay focused on the statement of your affirmation then you must do everything that you can to use your imagination to visualize things pertaining to what you are affirming. If you don’t do this, your affirmation has no power.

An affirmation then is a statement, or better yet a small phrase, that affirms a belief and the existence of an ideal that might not be objectively true at the moment. An affirmation is a physical action that helps you to believe something that might not be true at the moment.

Using affirmations and the power of your imagination you can alter mood and redirect your mental thoughts. An affirmation used properly has enough power to change hormonal chemicals in your brain, which can alter how you feel and your energy level instantly. Just by saying a positive phrase it is possible for anyone to alter his or her thought patterns, and this is the true power of the affirmation; it is a fast and simple way to alter what you’re thinking at the moment and as a result change the direction of your actions and physiology.

Affirmations can also be said to be a kind of mental exercise. Once you have created a phrase that you like, you can repeat this affirmation as many times as you like. An affirmation said over and over and over again, then becomes a type of mental exercise. Each affirmation is sort of like a ‘curl’ or a ‘squat’, where the more you say it, the stronger that you become, and the closer that you get to attaining your goal. An affirmation, thought in this way, becomes a prayer sent into the wind at Eather, and the more that you this affirmation, the more thought forced that you give to your intended goal. If thoughts create reality than an affirmation repeated thousands of times creates a powerful thought indeed.

Affirmations are perhaps the best way to instantly alter you’re your thoughts. They can be used constructively anytime to keep you focused on your goal. They can also instantly alter moods and therefore keep you in a positive state of mind. Use affirmations then to your benefit and as an extra technique to control your thoughts and reality.






We are all told over and over again nowadays that meditation is good for us, but few of us know how to meditate properly. Meditation is supposed to be very good for mental health and also for our physical well-being. In a highly stressed out life, where the average person works about 40 hours a week, meditation seems to be a wonderful way to bring balance.

  • In order to meditate properly you must realize that the one key factor is that you must be able to focus your mind on one particular thing. By focusing the mind, you give yourself a type of rest because the mind is then not flying left and right with all sorts of mental aberrations.
  • Proper meditation also involves bodily relaxation. Body relaxation and the reduction of tension can greatly affect the mind since there seems to be a direct correlation between physical tension and emotion.
  • There is another important point to meditation that I must mention, and this is the concept of inner space. inner space is our internal conscious reality; it is the reality that we experience if we are able to go inside ourselves and ignore usual sense data. It is essentially the reality that you would be able to experience if you were put inside an isolation tank where you could not use any of your five senses. Proper meditation therefore involves this kind of internal consciousness and is the key to creating expanded conscious awareness. I mention it here because proper meditation is not just a way to relax but it must also be a way to expand yourself and your being. Without this final component, meditation just becomes a task and not a way to expand your horizons.

With the above in mind that, there are three ways to meditate properly:

1.  Concentrate your mind on one thing. To do this you could either concentrate on an object in your mind, an object that you see before you, or perhaps a task that you try to do as consciously as possible. You could for example look at an apple on the table in front of you, trying to keep your attention solely on this apple and not letting anything get in the way of this attention. You could also concentrate on an image of an apple that you are holding in your mind. An internal image is a more difficult task since you must be very good at visualization in order to do this, but if you can master this technique, this is a great way to have yourself focus on one thing.
You could also focus your mind on a particular task; many people for example like to concentrate on their breathing and this is a wonderful way to keep your mind focused on one thing. The key to this kind of meditation is to train your attention to focus solely on this one task and to bring your mind back to this task if it decides to wander. Read ” Learn the power of concentration” if you are interested in this method.

2.  You can meditate by concentrating on your body, and by concentrating on the act of relaxing your body. This is sort of like the task that I mentioned above but it does two things; first of course it allows you to focus on one thing to the exclusion of all other things, but secondly it also allows you to relax your body and therefore take your self into a natural trance by becoming deeply relaxed. Read “How to relax” if you are interested in this method.

3. The final method to meditate properly is to try and go into inner space. One of the best and easiest ways to do this is to imagine that you have a dial that controls the volume of your senses. By dialing this volume down you are imaginatively turning down how much you can see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. After turning the volume of your senses down, explore what is left. Explore this reality.

It is up to you to explore what you like best, and which technique you think would provide the best kind of meditation for you. Meditation done properly is in many ways dreaming, it will alter brain chemicals and it will balance your hormonal levels. In this way meditation is a great rest for your body and it allows for certain excess chemicals to be correctly processed so that they do not hinder your natural functions. It also allows you to develop more chemicals in the brain that the waking consciousness needs to function at its best. With a little effort you too can learn to meditate properly and attain new levels of relaxation and awareness.