Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

We all have a lot left to learn. Through many stages in our lives, we believe that we know all there is to know about everything. This sometimes happens when we are young and we believe we have everything figured out, and it also happens as we age and we believe that we know everything because we have experienced everything. Anytime that we let ourselves believe that we know everything and we have nothing left to learn, is the time when we’re the most vulnerable. The reason for this vulnerability is the fact that this is the time we can be blindsided by something that we just did not see coming.

The world is and will always be a world of infinite possibilities, anytime that we are not believing this to be the case is a time that we have deluded ourselves. This delusion is usually created by lack of awareness, where we are not able to see things outside of our routine understanding. This routine is a great friend and can bring us great comfort so that we are able to experience our lives in an emotionally stable environment. But this same routine, that creates so much emotional comfort, also cuts us off from seeing new things; which are usually unexpected and chaotic and therefore create emotional instability.

No matter what our age is, we all have a lot to learn. In order to keep learning we must therefore try not to implement such rigid personal beliefs and routines. This can be a scary thing because as I said it can take us out of our comfort zone, but this is a small price to pay to overcome ignorance.

You must constantly pursue ‘the new’. New ideas and things represent new energy that has just been introduced into your mind. They are good because they remind you there is more to life than you are currently perceiving. New ideas also allow you to make connections and create new possibilities. Any new thought in your mind will expand your mind and this expansion will be like scaffolding that allows all sorts of new concepts to be incorporated. Without this expansion of the new, there is a type of stasis created where new concepts have no place to tether themselves to your mind making new growth impossible.

Try not to judge things so quickly. Personal judgment is a very quick way for you to stop yourself from learning new things. By judging the new, you make it common place and therefore make yourself feel better by thinking that you have it all covered. Judgment means that you are taking old ideas and you are trying to impose them on new ones. Judgment is inherently not a bad thing in and of itself of course, it is the way that you express your individuality; by placing a personal touch and all things that you experience. This judgment can become a hindrance to new thoughts and to new ideas though when it is allowed free reign without objective control. You must always ask yourself whether the judgment that you just made, of the new, is just old mental routine or objective thoughts on your part.

The old adage goes, “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks”. This is very true if the old dog will not allow old routines to be replaced by new ideas and concepts. We all have a lot to learn we do not have enough time in our very short lives to let old stagnant routine control how we see the world. Take the time to contemplate and question, both your own thoughts and beliefs, and anything new that you discover. Keep your mind fresh by always learning as much as you can about the reality around you.






One of the most powerful things to implement in your life, is the idea that you must always make happiness your biggest priority. Personal happiness is the key to a good life, and will improve your self-esteem and health. Happiness has a natural way of lightening your energy and filling you with hope for the future.

We are all emotional beings, there is no way to stop our emotions and stay healthy. Since our emotions are something that we cannot get rid of, it is important that we begin to regulate these emotions and that we strive to attain more happiness and less sadness. Now when I say regulate I do not mean that we should try to control our emotions as this is impossible, what I mean though is that we can control the focus of our attention so that we begin to experience more of the things that we like and less of the things that bring us grief.

As children we do a great job of focusing and doing what we like, but as adults we tend to take on the idea that to always pursue our happiness and our desires is wrong. This is of course not the case, what usually is the case is that others impose these beliefs upon us. Taking responsibility for your happiness means that you are willing to spend more time on those things that bring you joy and to follow your own heart instead of trying to please others. Without happiness life is not really worth living, and it is therefore very important that you make it a priority.

If you are having difficulty trying to figure out how to start, a real good way to begin is to just take more time for yourself. Just like you would take the time to pay attention to someone you love and to see to their needs, take the time for yourself as well and see to your needs and your desires. Try to treat yourself and give yourself some kind of present every day. This might seem a little silly and perhaps childish to some but it is a great way to begin to show yourself the kind of personal love that you deserve.

Doing the small things might create many conflicting emotions within you. If this is the case then it is very important that you examine these emotions so that you realize what belief is causing them. It is quite possible that you will feel guilt or a number of other emotions stemming from a belief that you are being selfish. Question these beliefs and examine them objectively because it is usually these beliefs that cause the greatest grief in our lives, as they are the ones that push us away from the self love we should all be giving ourselves.

Many believe that any kind of self-interest is a type of selfish behavior. If this belief is not examined then it is possible that you could lead a hard life where the mere idea of considering your personal thoughts becomes repugnant. You must realize though that there is no possibility of bringing happiness and good things to others unless you are able to do the same for yourself.

Personal happiness means being a little selfish perhaps. It means that you’re willing to consider your needs and that you see that you are a very important person. If you do not take the time to create happiness in your life then it is quite possible that no one else will either. The kind of selfishness that I am advocating means taking a little time for yourself; just like anything else there is a balance where too much of anything is a bad thing. But at the same time too little self-interest is also detrimental. If you at least take the time to make happiness a priority in your life, you will see that all other facets of your life will improve as well.






It is very important to realize that the only person that can bring you down is you.  If you make this realization then it will be easy to see that you must take control of what you are thinking and what you are saying to yourself.  You are in control of your destiny and must make every effort that you can to make sure that you don’t bring yourself down.

You must take particular notice of when you are having negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts create negative emotions and negative action, they must therefore be treated with proper respect.  This means that you must recognize when you are having them and deal with them in the appropriate manner.  The appropriate manner is not to try and ignore them but to try and understand them.  You must understand your thoughts by finding out what you believe about this certain situation, this will tell you why you are having these negative thoughts.  You can deal with these beliefs logically by doing an objective assessment of your situation and your resources.

It is beneficial to try and have more positive thoughts and a more confident outlook.  Self confidence will by itself breed a positive outlook and therefore positive thoughts.  Also always try to be a leader and not a follower in any situation.  This does not mean that I want you to tell others what to do but that I want you to take charge of your own direction in any situation.  You do this by trying to do only those things that you feel positive and confident in doing, this can sometimes be a difficult thing but if you try to take charge of the direction of your life and whatever situations you face,  you will see that there are many ways to become the leader of your personal life.  Even when you are forced to do something that is out of your comfort zone, you can still do this your own way and therefore take charge in that sense.

You can bring yourself down if you pay too much attention to the negativity of others.  Always listen to what you think are constructive comments but do your best to ignore any negativity from others.  It is very difficult to stop others from going on about this negative thing or that, it is usually better to diplomatically turn a conversation in a new direction or to just politely walk away and pretend like you need to do something else.  If you try to stop others with negativity or forcefully, you will only get more negativity in return.  The best methods are always either deflection or avoidance.

These people though that feed negativity on you, cannot bring you down.  The only person that can bring you down is you.  You are the master of your situation at every moment in your life and it is not constructive to think that you are at the whim of others, because this is very debilitating and it is also not true.  You control your fate by how you control your attention; you choose to focus on one thing or another and no one else can force you to focus in one way or another if you do not let them.

Don’t be your own worst enemy.  You do this by thinking that you are at the mercy of others, and by letting others and circumstances and general dictate how you feel and what you will do.  You are at the mercy of others only if you let yourself become a passive follower instead of in active leader in your own fate.  You control your life by choosing what kind of focus that you place on things and by choosing the kind of actions that you will take.  You are the only person that can bring you down so it is most important that you take responsibility for how you are feeling at this moment and take the correct action so that you are headed in the direction that you want.








In this article I would like to share with you a very powerful technique called Bone Breathing.  It’s an ancient technique that goes back to India and to China, it has been practiced by both Yogi’s and Chi Kung masters in different variations.  You can also see variations of it in the west and in all different parts of the world.  The reason for this is that it is an incredibly powerful technique that allows you to literally suck in energy from the environment around you.

In order to understand how this technique works you must first understand a little about the concept of ‘prana’ or ‘chi’.  These words are used to name the vital energy that can be found in the breath.  Most ancient mystical groups believe that there is a power all around us, and that it is this power that allows us to function in the physical world.  We are born into the world with some of this power and we also ingest this energy in order to survive. We usually ingest this energy through eating and other natural methods, but the most powerful way to suck up large amounts of this vital energy is through breath.  Breathing then becomes a mystical function that is responsible for how much energy and power we have in our bodies and can then use in our lives.

The bone breathing technique allows us to ingest large amounts of this vital energy or ‘prana’.  We can use this energy to stay healthy, get motivated, strengthen our sense of purpose, and generally become more powerful.  Before you begin this exercises I suggest that you consult your Doctor; if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, or are at risk for aneurisms, then I suggest you talk to him before you start.

In order to begin let us imagine that the air around you and the air that fills up your lungs is actually a kind of light, you can think of this vital energy as a type of vapor or gas that is slightly thicker than the typical air around you.  With this imaginative construction in mind, try to fill your lungs completely from bottom to top, just like the glass fills with water.  Then try to empty out your lungs completely, just like a glass, from top to bottom.  This is correct breathing and how you should be breathing all the time. Keep that imaginative construction of the vital vapor or “prana’ in mind, it will teach you how to begin to use this ‘prana’ properly and will allow you to develop your own imaginative ideas on how to move this force through your body.  I am certain that you will feel incredibly revitalized after breathing like this for a while.

In order to do bone breathing, you must begin to channel this vital energy throughout your body.  Bone breathing is mostly concerned with sucking in that vital energy through different parts of the body and is therefore used while inhaling.  To begin imagine that you are breathing through the bones in your arms; think of your arm bones as being giant sponges that suck in the vital ‘prana’ through the force of your inhale.  As you do this you can imagine that there is a bit of resistance because the bones in your arms are thicker and therefore harder to breathe through than your throat.  Imagine sucking in the vital energy through your arm bones and filling your lungs from bottom to top just like before.  When your lungs are completely filled, you can exhaled in a quick sigh and either stop there or begin to inhale again and repeat the process.

If you have done this correctly, your arms should feel almost tingly, your blood pressure will have gone up, and you will feel more alert and energized.  Now try to do the same breathing through the bones of your legs.  Do this for about 10 breaths and relax for a while.  Try next to do 10 breaths through the bones on your back and then take a break for a little while.  Try 10 breaths through the bones in your skull and take your brake.  Finally try to do this breath technique by breathing in through every pore in your body for 10 breaths.  After this completed routine you should feel amazingly strong, and light as a feather.  Keep practicing and developing your technique; the key is to combine your imagination and your breathing in order to be able to suck up huge quantities of this vital energy that is all around you.

The benefits of this exercise are many as I have mentioned, but it is also a very powerful technique that allows you to pull in energy into one specific area and therefore supercharge yourself in that area.  For example, let us say that you went for a very long walk and your legs are incredibly tired, you can try bone breathing through the bones in your legs.  Doing this for 10 breaths and taking a break, doing it again for another 10 breaths, and continuing to do this until you feel better. You don’t have to just breath like this through just your bones of course, you can breathe in through any part of your body that you think might require a large flood of vital force.

This amazing technique can be used to relieve pain, speed up healing, and revitalize energy.  It can be used anywhere and at anytime that you wish.  This is the first step in learning to control this ‘prana’, ‘chi’, Odic force’, or most simply; the vital force of life.  Through bone breathing you can revitalize your energy and increase your power.

We all have a limited time on this earth.  There are only so many hours in a day.  We all have personal values that are very important to us, and we all have personal desires that we wish to satisfy and goals that we wish to accomplish.  Is very important that we schedule our time properly so that we do not waste any of the small amount of time that we have on planet earth.

You must schedule your time or else you will wake up one day and you will realize that most of your life has passed you by, and all the things that you wished you had done will go unaccomplished.  You can waste a huge amount of time watching TV and playing video games. Now I am not saying that watching TV or playing video games is bad, but what I am saying is that doing this type of stuff too much can make you feel like you wasted your life away.  We all need fun, entertainment, and play.  These things are the foundations of our lives and they are in many ways the best reasons for living.  What you need to do though is to make sure that you give yourself time to accomplish those things that might bring you even greater joy.

We are all different and we must choose for ourselves what we want from our lives.  I can’t tell you what to do or what is most important in life, we all need to choose these things for ourselves. What I think will make you happiest though, is to try and fulfill those things that bring you the greatest joy.  Nothing is off limits and if you wish to play video games then it is quite possible that this will be how you satisfy all your needs.

What I am suggesting is that you take a good look at what you wish to accomplish, and you do your best to try and accomplish these things because this is what you really want to do.  Once you know what you wish to do, and you are confident that it is your desire and not the desire that someone else has imposed on you, try and learn to schedule your actions.  Only by creating a schedule and by staying on this schedule will you be able to do all the things that you want in this life.  Without the schedule you won’t have direction and your life will seem to end way too quickly.

The best use of your time in my opinion is to educate yourself.  To learn as much as you can about all the things that you love in life and to teach yourself how to become more and more successful with every passing day.  Try to become the best that you can at one thing that will bring you money and that will allow you to have the resources that you need to do anything that you want in life.  Scheduling time for this purpose will set you free and inspire you with the knowledge that you can accomplish anything that you want in life. 

No one regrets failing as much as they regret not doing anything that all.  Ask any older person in your life; what they will most often tell you is that their greatest regret was not doing something.  If you waste your time you are really wasting your life, learn to schedule your days so that you are able to get the greatest joy from your life.








The fact of the matter is that diets, per se, do not work. I think that this topic has been given some thought and air time but it is a truth the warrants repetition. The reason for this is that there are still many groups and individuals trying to entice others into participating in this or that diet. The latest of these involve some kind of modification in your eating habit, where you are told that you can eat as much as you want as long as you don’t eat meat, or carbohydrates, or whatever.

One of the big reasons why these diets and others are still very popular is that they offer a simple solution. A panel of supposed experts has already crunched huge amounts of data and lab time, they have come to the conclusion that this particular diet works and will cure everything from high blood pressure to cancer. The thing is that many times these authority figures are questionable. And even when they are not, they tend not to have as much honest to goodness data as they claim. You must always ask yourself how long this diet research has been going on for. Diets tend to be a very fashionable thing, so one that has been kicking around long enough to have long term data is difficult to find. The big question always becomes then; what are the long term consequences of being on this diet?

Another reason I personally think that diets are so popular is that people have a personal desire to suffer. We have all been told all our lives that, “no pain, no gain”. A person with a weight problem, looking for the miracle diet, tends to usually have self esteem issues. A vulnerable person like this tends to believe that they have to suffer to get better. Either they have to suffer for their past sins (supposedly eating too much) or must pay to become the ideal. The diet then becomes the perfect answer; here you are told that you must abstain from this or that and suffer so that you too can enter the kingdom of the fashionably thin.

The unfortunate truth though is that diets do not work. Any attempt to lose weight by controlling food intake will only create more hunger. This hunger of course is not just physiological, it is also psychological. The more that you deny yourself of something, the more that you will crave it. It’s sort of like telling you not to think of a giant pink polar bear. The more you try, that harder it gets. On top of that you have to add the body’s natural physiological need to satisfy itself and you have a killer combination that will destroy any effort to stay on said diet.

The answer then is to change a routine instead of trying to force yourself to follow a regimen. To change a routine you must start out with a positive mind set. You must first do everything that you can to stop feeling bad about your body and start being nicer to yourself. The best way to do this is to try and focus on the ideal body that you want instead of the gross body that you think you have. Tell yourself that you are beautiful and sexy, that you can do anything, and that you do not need to force yourself to do anything to get better. I suggest that you do this until you can let go of most of those feelings of low self worth. If you try, and at least begin to logically understand that you are a worthy and capable person, then I think you will have taken a great step forward.

Secondly take stock of all those foods that you like. Make a list of the things that you like to eat and the things that you eat just because you are bored; what do you really love? Also pay attention to yourself throughout the day. When do you eat? Why? Do you eat because you are hungry, bored, scared, upset? Keep track of your routine. Also make a list of all of the things that you absolutely love to do. This is your list so write down whatever you want, nothing is off limits as long as you are not hurting someone else.

When you know when you eat and why, try to find alternatives to desperate eating. Desperate eating is when you are eating not out of hunger but to satisfy some other craving. Instead of eating things that you don’t particularly like because you are bored or craving an emotional something, do something that you absolutely love to do instead. Eat more of the things that you like and that your body enjoys eating and less of the things that just satisfy your day. Your body, if you let it and pay attention to it, will naturally tell you what you need by making you crave it.

Break your old harmful eating routines by giving yourself creative alternatives to old ruts. Don’t deny yourself anything, just replace it with something even better. Truly pursue your pleasures by first overcoming your self esteem problems and then allow yourself to have the best. Focus on the ideal you and forget what you think you see in the mirror. Eat more of the things that you find awesome and do more of the things the you love to do. Diets suck, they are for people that don’t like themselves. Learn to love yourself and start by giving yourself only the best. Never eat a bag of cheap chips because you’re feeling lonely; get yourself the best sun dried potatoes that you can get and challenge yourself to smile at the next nice person that you meet. Use the list that I had you create above and replace any desperate eating with something on that list that you truly love to do. Instead of controlling your self and trying to eat less, try instead to do more of what you love and eat more of what you love also. Refine your tastes and your palate, turn your eating into art. You are awesome and only deserve the best of everything.

Learn to always challenge yourself and different ways.  The best way to always stay on your toes and therefore to always stay sharp, is to challenge yourself in new and interesting fashions.  New challenges keep our brains well exercised, and they inspire us to grow in new ways.

Challenging yourself does not mean over working yourself.  This is indeed a challenge, but not a very creative challenge.  To challenge yourself to pull on a rope is not creative, any farm horse can pull on a rope.  A creative challenge would be to try and figure out how to avoid having to pull on that rope at all.

Get creative with your challenges.  Learn to test yourself in different ways, challenge yourself to find better ways to do things that you have done before.  Challenge yourself to become more efficient, challenge yourself to become better than before.  To do this you must push yourself to think outside the box, to let go of conventions that you have lived by and to approach old problems in new ways.

Challenge yourself by breaking your old routines.  Routines are the great binders that tie us to a course of action and never let us go.  Do things that you have not done before, try those things that are unusual for you.  Change your schedules and do things at times when you usually don’t do them.  Try the unusual, and find freedom in the discovery of the new.  There is no way to discover what will happen in a crisis situation if you never try the unexpected because the crisis always involves the least expected.

By challenging yourself in different ways you will discover many things about yourself.  There is no better way to discover what you are capable of and what your weaknesses are than to always and constantly do something that tests you in a different way.  Life is a constant challenge but our routines tend to make us think that life is boring and simple.  We are also far more complex and far stronger than we imagine, through constant challenge we can discover our great strengths and find a kind of self confidence that would not be possible without our self imposed tests.

Life can become far more enjoyable if we are able to constantly challenged ourselves in new and interesting ways.  When things are boring, what we’re really saying is that this certain situation holds no new surprises for us.  This ‘surprise’ is what creates excitement and brings passion and fun into our lives.  As Henry David Thoreau said, “most live lives of quiet desperation”.  This is so because we are all trapped by the weight of our routines and the lack of attention that we give to our lives. Challenge breaks routine and therefore greatly increases the amount of attention that we are paying to things. To constantly challenge yourself is the key to becoming better in all things.

Learn to handle setbacks.  We all have occasions when we fail or when we are not able to accomplish that which we wanted to do.  Learning to handle these situations will allow us to have the energy required to try again.  Without this energy, any setback, will stop any effort that we’re making and will stop us almost as soon as we got started.

You can never plan for everything.  Life is an open system, where anything can be introduced at any time.  This means that there is no way to be able to plan for every single circumstance.  As a result, the only thing that you can do is your very best in any situation, but always understand that there will be unforeseen events that might hinder you.

When you are faced with a setback, always try and maintain a sense of humor.  Most often the best way to deal with these unforeseen circumstances and failures is to have the ability to laugh at yourself.  Try not to take yourself too seriously and laugh at what you cannot change.  We all fail and we all suck on occasion, laughing at our foibles is the only way sometimes to cure ourselves from the demon of personal doubt.

When you have a setback try and talk it out.  If you have a good friend or confidant then all the better, use this person as a sounding board to see what you did wrong and how you can improve.  You can also of just talk it out by yourself, find a quiet place where you can be alone and sound it out to see what comes to your mind.  This is a great way to discover new ideas that will allow you to take different routes and try different scenarios.  Talking about it will also allow you to clearly see where you went wrong and in this way to discover how you can do things better the next time.

When you have a setback it is also a good idea to take a break.  Distancing yourself from the problem is sometimes the best solution that you are able to offer at the time.  Take a break and clear your head, try to think of other things and relax your body.  Too much stress can build up and can cause you to feel overwhelmed by whatever problem that you are facing.  The timeout will allow you to relax and regroup your energies so that you can face whatever set back with fresh and strong energy.  Sometimes a break is all that our minds need to quickly give us a solution that can help us to win.

A good way to take a break is to have a hobby.  It is always a good idea to have an entertaining hobby that you can do to give yourself a rest from a difficult situation.  We all have certain things that we love to do, the idea is to do something that you find engaging and relaxing so that your mind can become occupied in something comforting for a while.  It does not have to be a hard thing, even a nice quiet walk can be a great hobby that allows you to have the time to regroup yourself.  You know best what you love best and what you can do as a hobby to relax yourself.  Use this hobby as a soothing ointment when life has been difficult to you.

Finally, always learn from your setbacks.  Always learn from your mistakes, for every mistake has something to teach you that will help you, so that you do not make this mistake again.  Setbacks are really course corrections that allow us to fine tune our direction.  Try not to see setbacks as being a terrible thing but as being the world’s way of putting you back on track.  Learn to handle setbacks properly and you will never fail because every setback is a learning experience.




It is very difficult to always try to be someone that you are not. People have a way of projecting their expectations on you; this can lead to a desire to be someone that you aren’t in order to please others. This is the most common and most powerful way that you become inclined to become someone that you are not.  It’s an easy rut to get into, and there are 2 major causes for this:

1)     Parents are the biggest unintentional culprits here. Parents after all are the ones that instantly become your role models when you are born. They are your first teachers, and for the most formative years in your life they are the ones that tell you all about life and what is expected of you.  This is great power and can often times lead to a type of life projection.

Parents can sometimes project on to their children ideas based on their failed goals. This is usually a well meaning desire from a parent to try and have the child accomplish something that the parent wasn’t able to do. Perhaps the parent dreamed of becoming a football star and could not so this parent projects this desire on the child and then does everything in his power to push the child in that direction.

Here you are then trying to please your parent(s). You think that you are supposed to be something that you are not because your parents told you so. Most people that find themselves in this situation can’t bear to confront their parents even though  their emotional distress over being someone that they don’t want to be is tremendous. Sometimes these parents are also quite strong of character and force a child of weaker character to follow their desires.

In order to stop this cycle of parental suffocation, you have to get clear about who you are. You must try to find time for yourself so that you can begin to discover yourself and your desires. Unfortunately this is very difficult for a younger person, even an older person, to do this since parents tend to dominate so much of the person’s life. But when you can, you must take the time to explore your being and your desires so that you discover what it is that you wish to do now and in the future.

The thing that you must do is have the courage to confront your parents also. This is usually very difficult and it is more difficult the younger that you are. But you must have the courage to do this so that you can challenge those parental opinions that have so dominated your life and begin to assert your personal self, free of their opinion.

2)     The second major cause of someone not being themselves is influence from peers. This is what is usually referred to as “peer pressure”. And while it might sound funny, it can actually be a very powerful controller of personality.

The crowd has the power of great control over the individual, this is very obvious to anyone that has ever been part of a large movement of people. If you then add credibility and respect to that mass of others, you have an incredibly powerful motivator. We tend to listen to those that we respect or care about. If they tell us that this is this and that we should do that, then we tend to obey. And it is not just friends and close acquaintances that fall into this group of motivators, the media and group trends are also telling you what to do;  If they say that being skinny and wearing hair gel is cool then that is what most people will do.

In order to find your true self, you must again make sure that you find enough time to spend all to yourself. This means that you must make time away from friends and acquaintances, away from the parties and the social events. You must make time so that you can be alone to think and contemplate your own life and your own path.

You must also find time to distance yourself from the media. This can be difficult in this time of internet, tv, radio, and all sorts of mass communication. It doesn’t mean that you have to go cold turkey and become a social hermit. What it means is that you have to balance your time so that you can spend some conscious time away from all of the social circus out there. A long walk or a quiet time by yourself on the couch is great. No music though, just you and your thoughts. This way you can begin to contemplate your ideas and desires, and begin to question anything that does not seem to be good to you.

Once you discover what you want and who you are, you have to have the courage to do your own thing. This can be a truly scary process, we are all conditioned to follow the tribe and to take our assigned role in society. We all fear loneliness, ostracism, and the slander of others. But you must have the courage to go your own way and to follow your own path.

If you can do this, you will see that life will become far more exciting. We are all in one way or another trying to be someone that we are not. This is caused by our beliefs which are almost always the expectations of others. Following your own way is a scary thing but it is also infinitely rewarding. Discover who you are and have the courage to follow your own path. To truly be an individual means that you have to stop being someone that others believe you should be, and to start being truly yourself.





Throughout the day and through out our lives there are many times when others project negative energy at us.  You could say that throughout your day you are being constantly bombarded by the negative energy of others.  There is no reason to worry about this as we are all very well psychologically protected, and we have learned from infancy to deal with this kind of bad energy.

You can imagine for example how often people tend to send negative energy your way when you are driving.  Actually any crowded environment is usually a large repository of negative energy.  This is the case because large populations are usually competing against each other.  Any competition begets conflict, whether physical or psychological, and this conflict always leads two conflicting energy.

If you have low self esteem, or if you are not used to conflict, you can become very distressed by this energy.  You might believe that it is your fault, that you have done something wrong, and that you need to fix it or to get out of there.  You must realize though, that this is a natural thing.  You must realize that life is conflict and that there is no way to avoid doing something that upsets someone else.  You could become a hermit and go live alone in the mountains, there are people who have actually done this but it is definitely not something that I would suggest.  I would rather have you realize that there is nothing wrong with this energy and that it is just a part of life.  When you can realize this, it becomes much easier to deal with this kind of energy because you see that it is not your fault and that you need to accept it.

There are times, when this energy can become too much.  There are times when you find yourself in a situation where you need to refocus this energy because it is affecting your performance.  When this happens you can use different methods to deal with this energy.

A good place to start is to ask yourself; how do I perceive this energy?  Some for example can actually see this energy either as a dark cloud or as a different color that they see coming towards them.  Others can feel this energy; they can either feel it’s as a general energy pushing against them, or as a feeling of one kind or another affecting a certain part of their bodies.  Find out first of all how you perceive this negative energy, and this way you can learn to refocus and deflect its power.

For example let’s say that you see this negative energy as a dark black cloud coming at you.  You can take this dark cloud and imaginatively change it so that its power is neutralized.  Imagine for example taking this dark cloud is changing its color, turning it from the black evil thing into the shining and lovely pink cloud instead.  You can also imagine making this cloud smaller, changing it from a gigantic thing into as little tiny wisp.  With the feeling, you can also imaginatively change how you perceive it.  If for example you perceive negative energy from others as a tension on your neck, you can imaginatively change that feeling into relaxation.  If you feel this negative energy as a push against you then you can change it by imagining a gigantic hand that pushes this feeling to the side and deflects it.

In this way, you can learn to deal with negative energy when it is impossible for you to just ignore it.  I suggest that you generally just try to ignore it as you are very well psychologically protected.  The best thing that you can do is to feel good about yourself and to make sure that you work on your self esteem.  This method that I have outlined here should be used when you find yourself in a more competitive situation and you need to be at your best.  There are times therefore, when others will send us negativity but we can deal with this with a positive mental attitude and some of the techniques I have discussed above.