Self-Improvement and Interesting Knowledge

You need balance. The most important thing that you can devote your time to is balancing your life. This means that you need to examine and prioritize depending on your needs. Balance is the ability to finely tune your time and efforts so that you are getting what you want out of life.

You could picture for example one of those circus performers; he is on a high wire, spinning ten plates on long skinny sticks and balancing a chair on his chin. Most people could identify with this amazing character and agree to the fact that their lives can often be just as perilous. Certainly we are all trying to do many things in our lives while at the same time we are forced to perform tasks that assure our survival.

Like this crazy circus performer, you have to be able to balance everything perfectly. If you don’t, you can be sure that you will drop those plates and come crashing down with a chair on your head. In order to be this amazing performer, you need to distribute the weight of your efforts. You need to be able to take stock of all of the things that you have to hold up and make sure that there is equal amounts on both sides of your body. If you get too weighted on any one thing, then you won’t be able to maintain your precarious position.

You also need to make sure that you are standing in a solid place. Sure the amazing performer stands on a thin rope high up in the air, but as long as he knows that the rope will hold and he can balance himself, all is well. You too must make sure that you find yourself in a solid place. That place is different for all of us but the most important thing is that you know that it is secure enough for you. The performer can balance perfectly on that thin wire and is therefore assured of his position, you might find yourself in a place that might seem risky to others as that thin wire; the trick is that you know better, just like the performer, you know that your place is secure enough for you and you can balance there for as long as you need to.

Most importantly, all this balancing is about having fun. The circus performer could go work at MacDonald’s or something but he would rather be where he is.  We are all here for the challenge of it after all, we want to experience the excitement of challenging ourselves and seeing if we are able to surpass our expectations.  The performer could also do less; he doesn’t have to spin 10 plates, he could do two, or perhaps the chair on the chin is just a bit too much. But we are all wanting to see just how far we can push it.

But when things do seem to be out of balance; when you have taken on too much, when you find that you are not in a safe place, or when you just aren’t having fun anymore, then you have to rebalance your life. Do this by finding out where you stand and how much effort you are devoting to every task in your life. If there is too much work but not enough fun, then you need to re-balance so that your efforts are more in line what you want and need. Try to find balance in all aspects of your life and remember that a big part of the reason that you came here was to see if you could pull this amazing performance off.





Self-confidence comes easily to some while it is most difficult for others. Self-confidence can really be boiled down to a belief about your personal self. Even though it is the case that external circumstances tend to make self-confidence easy or very difficult, it is personal belief that is the source of all self-confidence. A belief in your own ability and in your own self-worth is imperative.

Self-confidence is not something that many are born with. It is the case then that self-confidence must be practiced. To do this you must motivate yourself and make it a goal to always question any feelings that are negative and make you feel like you are less than anything or anyone else. By questioning and understanding these thoughts and feelings, you will begin to understand the beliefs that are creating these negative thoughts and feelings. Even though it might seem like external circumstance, please realize that it is the belief that really shapes the way that you see the world around. By understanding these beliefs and questioning them, you are essentially practicing at becoming more self-confident.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to act self-confident even though you don’t feel that way. By acting in a self confident manner you begin to ‘feel’ for yourself what self-confidence feels like. By understanding this feeling you can learn to replicate it in the future and you can understand better why self confidence is such a good feeling to have. By acting confident you can also bring up those feelings and thoughts that are telling you that you are not self-confident at all. Do not suppress these feelings, like some gurus would have you to, instead learn to experience these feelings fully but with the intention of discovering the underlying beliefs that are causing you to have these feelings and thoughts. In this way acting confident can be both a learning tool and a motivator to get you to work hard at finally truly becoming more self-confident.

If you can become flexible in the way that you act, you will find that self-confidence will be a far easier thing to accomplish. This is so because flexibility of action allows you to have options and with options comes confidence. Always therefore try to plan ahead and give yourself as many contingency plans as possible. By having contingencies you are flexible and by being flexible it becomes very difficult to knock you off your track. Be strategic in your actions and be prepared for any unforeseen circumstance by realizing that unforeseen circumstances can happen at any moment. Give yourself contingencies, and even though you can’t prepare for everything, the fact that you to have more options will allow you to develop more confidence.

We all make mistakes, that is the way of life. Always learn from your mistakes because this is the only way that you’re going to avoid them in the future. Mistakes are your natural course correctors, they show you what to do by showing you what has not worked in the past. If you are not making mistakes your basically going stagnant. Mistakes are good therefore, don’t let them ruin your confidence.

Many of those that lack self-confidence tend to have a little voice inside their heads that is usually telling them some negative thing or other. There are times when you will need to silence this little voice because it will turn from a little voice into a loud scream and it can be quite distracting. When you need to act that your best, learn to quiet this voice so that it does not get in your way. Generally though do realize that this voice is actually your ally and friend; what it is really doing is telling you where you might be making a mistake, it’s sort of like your own ‘Spidey Sense’. Imagine having something so powerful that it allows you to know instantly where you might be going wrong. Generally speaking then, as long as the voice is not hindering your action at a critical time, try to turn this supposed enemy into perhaps one of the greatest allies that you will ever have. It will show you where you are about to make a mistake and where you might be going the wrong way, it will also show you what beliefs you have that are making you feel less than worthy.

Finally always remember to be kind to yourself. Being kind to yourself means understanding that you should love yourself as much as you are willing to love many others in your life. It is sometimes amazing to realize that there are people who are willing to give everything of themselves to those that are important in their lives but that they are not able to be this kind to themselves. Be kind to yourself and realize that you are a great traveler that is on a journey of self discovery. Learn to love yourself and self-confidence will come naturally.




Personal change is a big priority with many people right now. This site for example is devoted to personal change and personal improvement. The underlying belief here is that you need to make a change of one kind or another in order to improve yourself, so here is some information to help you make that change. What you must realize though is that this change that you make must be done for the correct ‘personal’ reasons.

Many for example would have you change the way that you feel, telling you that if you make this change you will increase your happiness and your prosperity simultaneously. Others would have you believe that you need to change because most of us currently have a very ‘un-politically correct’ point of view. There are different techniques to make this change happen and you can find many, many books and also many websites on personal change. I for example advocate that you should change your beliefs systems and this is the only way that you can truly make permanent change.

While I do advocate personal change I must be very clear in stating that I don’t believe that personal change is a must for everyone. Even though we would all agree that being happy and wealthy is a wonderful thing, I do believe that there’s more to life than just these pursuits. My personal belief is that expansion of consciousness is far more important in human life and that this should be one of our great if not our greatest priority. In order to make this kind of personal expansion, I believe that you need to experience the whole of life and to experience this reality properly. To do this, you need to pursue your own personal values. Following your own personal values means following your own personal beliefs and not being afraid to be truly yourself.

What I’m trying to say then is that you should not compromise on your personal values because you think that you need to change in order to please those around you. I am saying that I believe that if you wish to change because you want to make a change, that you believe that this change will better your life, then you should do so but that you should not make these changes if deep down inside you don’t believe you need to make them.

For example it is possible that you might be trying to make yourself happy while deep down inside you don’t feel happy. Let’s say that you have explored your beliefs and through exploring these beliefs you have discovered that these beliefs are good for you. That for example you believe that the majority of people are rather dumb and that you are mad at them because you see just how dumb they are. If you can understand the fact that this is just a belief that you hold, but you can also understand the fact that it is a belief that you like and that you find constructive to yourself, then there is no need for you to change this belief.

You should not change if you do not want that change. Any change that you make in yourself must come from your own deep desire and this desire must be explored thoroughly. You must discover for yourself if you are doing this for yourself or for others. It is true that sometimes the good advice of others can help us realize that we are wrong and that we should consider a change, but again you must make the final decisions for  yourself and decide by yourself then to pursue the change through that reasoning. If as you examine your desire for change you discover that you are only changing because others believe you should change, then you must be strong enough to stand firm in what you believe and to pursue your life in your own way.

Some people for example change because they are told that if they are happy, or generally in a happy state, that they will become wealthier and healthier and perhaps even wiser. If you wish to change for these reasons, then explore these reasons and make the change if you wish. This is a type of personal exploration on your part and you might choose this change in order to experiment with these beliefs, to see if these beliefs actually work for you in your life. But do not make these changes if you believe that it is the ‘politically correct’ thing that everyone must do because we must all be super happy, cheerful, and nice all the time.

If you want change, explore the desire for this change. Acquaint yourself with your own judgments and your own beliefs. Be strong enough to stick firmly to the beliefs that you believe are helping you. Know that you are a special person and that you are here to live your life in your own unique way. That you are the only person that can fundamentally tell yourself that your beliefs are wrong. Change or not as you wish and explore your own consciousness by pursuing your own values, and fulfill yourself to the best of your ability. If you do not want to change then don’t change and don’t let the world around you force you to make a change that you don’t want.







We all want to be confident. Confidence is definitely something that is of great help when we are trying to accomplish anything. Confidence is also a state of being that promotes happiness; this is so because confidence speaks of a well-balanced individual that is of strong character. Confidence speaks of a well grounded being that is assured of his or her personal capabilities.

While we tend to see confidence as a general thing, it is important to realize that confidence is not just one particular thing, for example each one of us lacks confidence in some area. There are those that are very confident when it comes to business and money matters but lack this confidence when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. Confidence has many twists and turns and confidence in all aspects of one’s life is a very rare thing.

It is also the case that some of the people that we believe to be incredibly confident are not really that confident that all. By looking at the reactions of some individuals, we might be led to believe that they are incredibly confident individuals. It is possible though that these people are just very good under pressure and have a natural ‘poker face’ that makes them seem far more confident than they might actually feel. True confidence though is an internal assurance of self and this assurance can sometimes be un-graspable by even the coolest seeming characters.

Real confidence can only be developed through personal action. True confidence comes from the belief that you are completely capable in one area. In order to truly cements this belief into your psyche, it is necessary that you physically perform, to your satisfaction, in this one area. Without action, the belief will not be strong enough to create a true feeling of confidence. It is therefore always good to try and ‘do’ in that area where you lack confidence, because in this doing you are able to increase your capabilities in this one area. Through action you become more experienced and through this experience, and the knowledge that you gain while doing this action, you become more confident.

Confidence must also be maintained. You stay confident by continually developing experience in a particular area. You also maintain confidence by talking about yourself in a positive way. If you tell people that you are not good at something, it is quite possible that they will start to believe it, and that you might start to believe it as well. Now you don’t need to go crazy trying to ‘toot your own horn’ but it is always good practice to talk about yourself in a positive way. This positive talk is not just for others mind you, it is also the kind of talk that you should have when you are talking to yourself. While it is not a good idea to try and ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ as some like to advocate, acting confidently and engaging in positive self talk can motivate you to take the kind of action that will eventually create true confidence. True confidence as I said is complete faith in self.

Confidence can help us because it allows us to perform in a better way. It allows us to marshal all our resources in a positive fashion which can increase our success in any endeavor. Since confidence is such an important aspect in a successful life, it is very important then that you try to develop confidence and that you try to maintain this confidence. Learn to build and to maintain this confidence and you will have greater success in all your endeavors.








Empathy is not just wishy-washy and touchy-feely business. Empathy can actually be a very useful tool that can be used by all people to expand their awareness and their functionality within their own space. Hunters for example could greatly benefit from being able to empathize with their prey. A great hunter must be able to know all the routines of his prey. He must understand his prey implicitly and be able to anticipate future moves. If a hunter could also learn to become one with the environment in which the pray besides, he or she would become even more successful. The hunter would understand how his prey fits into the ecosystem and in this way understand the infinite and complex connections that his prey has with the environment in which it resides.

If a hunter could learn to use empathy he would be able to become much closer to the prey that he is after. He would have stronger feelings and would be able to identify in a very personal way with the animal that he is after. The stronger feelings would allow his or her hunt to become much more exhilarating because of that deep understanding that the hunter now would feel for the creature that he is after.

A hunter needs to empathize with his prey. He needs to develop a reverence for life and for death because as a hunter he holds this power in his hands. Through empathy this hunter would be able to see the ecosystem that we are all a part of. He would begin to understand his place in nature as a hunter and also intimately understand the place in nature that his prey holds. Through this understanding he would be able to function in a far deeper level and he would essentially become a far better hunter.

We are all hunters is one way or another on this Earth. All life takes from other life in one way or another to sustain itself; this is a natural giving cycle where we all share in order to strengthen ourselves, people and all the creatures of the earth, in mutual cooperation. It is the case that sometimes we are the hunters and it is also the case that sometimes we are the prey. Empathy can help us to become better hunters and it can also help us to escape from those hunters when they come calling for us.

Through empathic understanding we could also learn to develop respect for ourselves and for every single living being in our ecosystem. This is a very important thing right now because most of us seem to be feeling more and more separated from our natural roots. Through empathy we can begin to understand once again our deeper connection to all other living things and through this connection can start to rebuild that sacred association that we have with the entire planet.

The people of the earth must learn to empathize with the planet. Through empathy we must all realize that when we plunder the earth we are really plundering ourselves. Now this does not mean that the hunter should not hunt or that we should try to change our nature. What it does mean is that we must revere those gifts that are given to us. We must understand so that we stop believing that we can take ruthlessly without ever having to give back.

A hunter that can empathize with his prey will be able to see himself in the prey and will be able to understand the sacrifice that this creature makes now so that he may prosper. With this respect the hunter will not treat those creatures that help to sustain him like soulless artifacts that are there for his benefit alone. He will not stick these creatures in a factory and coldly tortured them to death in order to feed himself. He will understand that they are on par with him and that he is not better than them. He will learn to appreciate the incredible natural diversely that all comes together in order to sustain him at this point in time. He will also understand that he is part, and can never be removed, from this amazing living planet and that he will also give of his flesh to sustain others in the future.






Accomplishing your objectives can either be difficult or easy depending on how you go about it. Most people believe that it is a difficult world where we are all going uphill. With this personal belief any objective becomes very difficult. The reality of the situation though is that most of us do not use our minds properly and instead of using them to motivate us and to ease our tasks, we mostly use them to reinforce our beliefs in a hard life.

Most would tell you that in order to begin any task you must begin with action. It is indeed the case that in our world in order to get anything done you need to take action. Unfortunately this action is taken against personal grain in that we tend to act when we don’t feel like acting which makes this action difficult. There are better ways to do this, and it is possible to get yourself to only act when you’re motivated to do so; in this way your actions become easy and what might have seemed like an impossible task before, becomes a simple set of activities which are motivated through personal desire.

In order to attain any objective through ease rather than struggle, use the points below:

Visualize; before you begin any task I suggest that you visualize both what the final objective will look like and also what you need to do in order to get there. In other words before you begin any objective, sit down and do nothing for a while. In order to accomplish any objective properly, you need to know how to do this objective in the best way possible. You need to strategize and to be creative so that you can come up with the best actions that will guarantee your success. This visualization should motivate you to…

Take immediate action; once you have done enough personal visualization and you have used this time in order to strategize and come up with the best set of actions that you will need to in order to accomplish your goals, you will be greatly motivated to take action. If you are having trouble in that you don’t seem to be motivated enough to take action, it could be that your strategies are faulty and your intuitions are trying to tell you that you need to take a closer look at things. Also try to visualize on just your initial task, and this way you will be motivated to take action in short order.

Use your resources; as you begin your objectives you will run across people that will be very helpful and you will also run across people that will seem to only be interested in bringing you down. Be strong enough to move past those that would hinder you and use to your best advantage those that would help you.

Visualize; now that you have begun your objective and you have taken certain measures in order to attain this objective, take a timeout and visualize exactly what you wish to accomplish again. By visualizing your objectives and goals again you strengthen your motivation and you allow your intention to focus you in the right direction. As you go about this visualization keep close attention to your feelings and notice if there are any doubts or negativity of any kind. Question these feelings because they are allies that are telling you about certain possible problems in your strategy or your final objective. True strategy right now is to try and make any action as easy as possible. Chunking this action into smaller and smaller individual tasks can help greatly.

Stay consistent; by remembering to constantly visualize your desired final outcomes, you will find it very easy to stay consistent in the kind of behavior that you need in order to accomplish your object’s. By having clear intention, others will recognize this power and begin to help you achieve your goals.

Review your actions thus far; this really means visualize what you are doing and have done. Again this is a timeout to think and ponder about what you have done, what things have gone wrong or right, and what needs to change in order to achieve your objectives. Through personal visualization and creative imagining you should be able to discover any problems that you might have and to also develop new strategy and alternative action in order to overcome these.

As you can see I advocate that you do a lot of visualization. Following my methods you should find it much easier to accomplish anything that you do in your life. Objectives that are tackled in this way are accomplished quicker, they become enjoyable and bring you greater personal fulfillment. Use your imagination and creative mind to propel yourself into more perfect action. Use your visualizations also in order to create a greater range of positive circumstances that should help you to be at the right place and at the right time to take full advantage of all your resources. Keep the above six points in mind whenever you are trying to accomplish any objective with ease.





We are all busy bees. Modern life has become so fast and so complicated that it is sometimes hard to keep up with how we are feeling inside. We are also all required to do our duty and these external responsibilities can create great pressure. On top of that, external peer pressure can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming, pushing us to do things that we would not normally do if such pressures were not applied upon us.

In this modern world it has becoming incredibly important that you take time for yourself. Time for yourself is the only break that you will ever have from all of the external pressures that are constantly pushing against you. Take this time to explore your situation and see if you are doing things that you don’t want to do, that are not empowering you personally. You must always try to only do things that are making you stronger and better. By taking time off you can ask yourself; whom does this action help? Does this action help me in any way? How?

Whenever you are about to do something you must always ask yourself; how hard is it to do this certain thing? Take time to ask what it will cost you personally. There are many things that will be asked of you and that will not benefit you in any way at all. If you do not begin to question these actions and how they help you, you will become spent and waste your life doing things that never benefited you in any way. Always be critical of every action that you are about to take, if you are not careful of how and for what reason you spend your time and efforts, you are saying that there are others out there that are far more important than you are. Any time that you make this kind of choice, to do something unquestioningly because you think that it is your duty, you are essentially giving your life away to someone or something else. While giving your life away to someone else is your own choice, make sure that you are doing it for the right person or cause. Choose and be critical of these choices because your present life is precious.

Study your personal beliefs. Find out if you truly want to help others or if you are doing it because you think you have to do it. Take time for yourself and use this time to question yourself about what you truly believe you should be doing. Discover your values and the kind of priorities that you have personally. Discover your internal motivations and your personal desires.

Do only those things that empower you. It is possible that helping others doesn’t empower you; often times helping others makes us feel very good and this is a very empowering thing. The trick though is to only do those things that you wish to do. Any time that you are doing something that you do not want to, you are essentially disempowering yourself. This is so because you are telling yourself that you are too weak to actually do what you want to do and must therefore do what you are told you have to do. To empower yourself means that you realize your own personal self-worth and you realize that even though there might be a few things that you are forced to do at the moment, you are actively working towards a point in your life where you will be able to do exactly what you want to do and not be forced by another. You increase your own self-esteem and happiness by being your own person and by freeing yourself from the shackles of others.

By knowing yourself you know what you want to do. By doing what you want and following your personal desires you gain self-esteem. Self-esteem is the road to understanding your own self-worth and this self-worth will create true internal happiness. Do only those things that make you feel stronger and better and in this way discover your true happiness.

Having wonderful goals that you wish to meet is key to success in life. Many of us are great dreamers and there are many things that we would like to accomplish in this life. Some of us are even good planners and can set up different ways that we want to get these goals accomplish. But the most important thing about having goals is the ability to get started on them and to accomplish them.

In order to be a to get started on your goals, you must develop incredibly good reasons why these goals need to be accomplished. You must motivate yourself through great desire so that beginning on your goals, which is usually the hardest part, becomes easy and very satisfying. You must try and come up with a reason to make your goals absolutely irresistible to you, so that not doing them actually becomes painful. In this way you will be able to motivate yourself to get started and to get whatever goals you have set for yourself accomplished.

A great way to do this is to visualize what accomplishing your goals will look like to for you. Visualization is a wonderful motivator because it allows us to see the pleasure of the goal accomplished and this is a great motivator. Visualization though is far more powerful than just as a motivator; while it is our personal trainer in the beginning, pushing us and all our resources into staying on task, it is also the creative medium that will put together all the things that we need in order to have our goals accomplished perfectly.

Essentially what you are doing while visualizing is creating something out of nothing. Visualization is how we create our reality, the mind does indeed create our reality and it begins in the simplest ways. Some would believe that visualization is only useful because it creates emotional motivation, but this is only the beginning of what visualization does. Visualization is also in charge of bending future probable activity so that it is directed into what we want to happen. Some branches of physics for example believe that every single point in time is really a fracture into an infinite number of probable possibilities; this means that at any one point in space and time you choose, or have chosen, a number of probable actions, but you are only aware of a particular one. Different probable ‘you’s’ have chosen different actions and they exist in these probable universes that slightly branched off from yours. This means that every single possible point in space and time is the beginning of incredibly complex future and past probable branch of action. Each possible action is followed to its conclusion by one of your alternate selves in an alternate universe.

The focus of intent through visualization is the catalyst that directs your current you into a probable future scenario. Visualization therefore is far more powerful than just mere imaginative creation for personal motivation. It is the tool that you can use to align yourself with the correct probable action or actions that will eventually create your desired outcome.

In order to create a great visualization of your final outcome, ask yourself these questions below. They will help you to clarify your vision and make it very specific. The more you work on these questions the stronger that your visualization will become and therefore the more certain and powerful your intent. Ask yourself:

when I reach my goal, how will I feel?

When I reach my goal, how will my life be different?

When I reach my goal, what things won’t I have to put up with any more?

When I reach my goal, what will others be saying about me?

When I reach my goal, how will myself image change? How will the image that I show others change?

Am I really excited about my goal now?

What do I feel like doing right now?






I remember that as a kid I used to love the poltergeist movies. They scared me silly but I used to love to watch them because I suppose I used to love to be scared. In “poltergeist two” I remember that there was this great character that made a huge impression on me. He was a kindly preacher that did his best to impart great wisdom to all those that he came in contact with. His greatest line, and the line that I believe had the greatest amount of insight was, “you’re all gonna die!”

If you take it to heart, this simple, yet emotional statement, can completely change your life. What our friend the preacher was trying to tell us was that we are all mortal beings and that we only have a certain amount of time in this physical reality. This kindly soul was trying to use a firm hand because he believed I suppose that the people around him needed more encouragement than most. By letting them know that their existence was finite, he was showing them how they could pool their internal resources and overcome their fear and pain.

The knowledge of your death can be a great friend and ally if you are willing to take this information and turn it into a great challenge for yourself. By turning it into a challenge you turn the finality of your physical existence into a resource that allows you to motivate yourself to do your best at every single moment. It allows us to appreciate every moment and to dedicate our best effort to every single thing that we do.

Even if you believe in the afterlife, knowledge of your death reminds you that while you might continue consciously, you will no longer be here. Being here in this material world is a great privilege, within it we experience infinite sensual experience and through this experience we are able to grow and develop into greater beings. This existence must be cherished therefore and every moment must be savored because death is an uncertain thing that can overtake us at any moment.

Our great adviser can cure many ills. While it cannot cure fear per se, it can put fear in perspective and make us love fear because this fear is also a part of this existence, and as our advisor tells us, this existence is very precious. It is also sometimes the case that we get very full of ourselves. We all have had times when we have acted rather jaded towards others and the world. This adviser is also wonderful at pointing out to us that while we might have even become kings of our small or great empires, we cannot escape its grasp and that at least in its eyes we are as common as any man.

Make sure that you to take the preacher’s advice to heart. He might be a little odd and perhaps a little frightening but you must realize that he really has your best interest in mind. He is letting you know that life is short, that no matter who you are or what you believe, you will eventually have to return from where you came. Take his advice to heart and begin to live your life with zest and power so that when the inevitable happens, you will not regret what you have not done and what you have not felt. So in the words of that wonderful old man, please never forget that, “Your all gonna die!!”






We all have a lot of stuff. We all tend to accumulate things as we grow and change, which seems to be a natural consequence of our expansion in the world. We amass things as we grow but we forget to let go of those things that we no longer need. This is unfortunate because things have a way of holding us down.

Continually ask yourself; what can I can let go of? Look around, what do you actually use? Taking the time to always look around at all your stuff and answering honestly the above question can be a great way of letting go of things the you no longer need. You must also ask yourself; what is more trouble than it’s worth? Many of the things that we own were useful at one time but are useful no longer. These things can be very difficult to keep and can actually become more trouble than they are worth. Learn to let go of those things that are just too much trouble, those things that cause more pain than pleasure.

Do you actually need the biggest toy? Just because something is the biggest doesn’t mean that is the best. It is quite often the case that our ego tells us that we need to have the biggest in the shiniest in order to show off to all the people around us. The ego wants us have the biggest, the best, the hardest to get. The ego is also very selfish and does not want to share. Learn to see the impact of this egotistical perspective and see how much its causing you to hoard and accumulate things that do nothing else but satisfy your vanity. The ego has a place and it is the case that it’s wisdom can be used to your benefit on some occasions. You must though not let it have its way all the time or else you will be lost in the sea of vanity that will eventually bring you down. Realize that the ego is just a small part of you and that it’s vision can often be quite limited.

Sometimes we tend to hoard things because we believe that there is not enough. The ego can sometimes be scared because it believes that it will go hungry or that things will run out. This is very limited thinking, a belief that actually creates scarcity. This is definitely a situation where the ego is not doing you any favors and is actually creating a scarcity mentality that will have you hoarding trash while at the same time not letting you see the great plentitude all around you. remember therefore to always take this egotistical belief lightly, and to change this belief so that you begin to realize that there is plenty in the world and that there will always be enough for you.

You must continually ask yourself; what is it that I don’t need anymore? It is quite possible that in the past you might have needed something and therefore you got it. It is possible though that over time this one critical item is no longer needed. When this is the case you must be able to realize this fact and be able to let go of the old item. The very good reason for this is that if you are constantly acquiring things and not letting them go, you will not be able to get yourself better things. Things that you might actually need at this moment but you can’t get because you still have not let go of those things that you needed in the past. Stuff in many ways is like money; you must give money in order to get things and keep cycling this money so more money can come to you. If you hoard money you will not be able to make more money because money likes to stay fluid. Things and objects in our lives work in the same way; you get things, but then you let go of those things in order to get better things; by making more space in your life you create an opening that can be filled with better, newer, and more functional things.

Too much stuff limits freedom. Stuff makes us want to take care of it and this creates responsibility which really limits our freedom. Having a lot of stuff makes you worry about losing that stuff in this worry again brings you down and makes you heavy. Learn to let go of and get rid of what you don’t need so that you lighten yourself and your life. Limit how much stuff you have so that you become freer, lighter, and happier.