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The Biggest Secret of The Law of Attraction

The shortest route between two points is a straight line. Many people tend to forget the fact that we live in a physical world. Many also forget the fact that there are more worlds than this one, subtler worlds where our dreams and our internal thoughts tend to manifest at a much quicker rate. But in this world, this physical world, we must realize that things work slightly differently. In this world the shortest route between any two points in space and time is a straight line.

Those that would forget this tend to usually be people that find themselves wanting to practice the law of attraction. This is a shame because they’re really trying to practice a more efficient method of dealing with this particular world but they tend to forget the fact that they must reconcile certain mental principles and apply them to a physical plane. Truly these people that would engage in the law of attraction or in any other of the mental techniques that would have you navigate more successfully in this world, using the power of their mind or faith, tend to be given certain concepts that are faulty.

These concepts are faulty because of the fact that those that would propagate these ideas have no deep understanding of what they are talking about. I know that this is a strong statement to make in a world filled with new age gurus. The problem is not really the fact that some of these gurus are telling you the truth, some of these people know what they are talking about, the problem comes from the fact that when you have so much information out there, there is bound to be a whole lot of bad along with some good.

Any teacher of the law of attraction, or of any mental movement, that tells you that things should fall out of the sky and land on your lap is lying to you. While it is indeed the case that if in the dreamscape you visualize something, intend something into existence, you will instantly get that thing; in this physical realm such occurrences are very rare. To try and circumvent the laws of physics as they apply to this physical realm, is probably the biggest mistake that you can make as a practitioner of the law of attraction or of any of the other mind over matter techniques.

Let me reassert the fact here that I DO believe in the power of our mind over the physical universe. I do believe that it is the subjective that creates the objective and not the other way around. As such I believe that when our minds and our intent are properly focused, they can accomplish just about anything in this physical world. The point of this article is to point out the greatest faulty assumption that is made by those that would practice such mental techniques as the law of attraction, visualization, prayer, or affirmation. This negation of physical laws is the one key concept that is holding many, many people from attaining success with these methods.

As I mentioned, the shortest distance between two points in this physical world is a straight line. If you are sitting on your couch watching your TV and your remote control is just out of reach; you could try to visualize that remote control coming to you, you could try to affirm to yourself the fact that the remote control will slide into your hands, or you could believe with every ounce of your being that the remote control is sliding into your hands. But it will most likely be the case that that the remote control will not move into your hands.

As I said I do believe in the power of the mind over the material. I do believe in the existence of telekinesis and I know for a fact that there are those that can tap into that power, but generally speaking the average person does not have that kind of potential yet. The reasons for this can be varied; I tend to believe that it is because we need to first develop our mental abilities and our control before we are given the more powerful tools to work with. First we must learn to work within a slow moving mental environment, until we perfect our mental capabilities, and then we can allow ourselves to move into more complex and faster mental planes of existence. Until that time we must learn to work with our physical universe and we must begin to realize that the easiest way to get to that remote control is to just get up a bit and grab it.

The law of attraction, our mental powers, work in this way now in this material world. When I say that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, I mean that in this physical universe we cannot just rely on our mental powers to get us what we want. We cannot expect the world to drop things from the sky on our laps, we cannot expect this physical universe to materialize something instantly before our eyes. We must realize that for now we exist on a physical plane where our mental projections and our intent can only be manifested through a slow and sometimes seemingly  mechanical process.

What this means is that we cannot sit back and wait for things to happen. We cannot expect things to happen to us through our faith or the power of our visualizations alone. There will come a time when we will need to act.

Let me repeat this: there will come a time when we will need to act

we must work with our minds first, we must use the mental techniques that we believe in and try to affect the course of our lives. But we must also be prepared to act in order to get what we want. Our world is still based on physical action and we must follow this course for now.

The best way to proceed when it comes to the law of attraction or whatever mental method you currently employ, is to use these methods and try and perfect these methods as much as you can but also to act. For example you could visualize yourself acquiring a better job but you must also make sure that you get out there and try and find that better job. Mental and physical action must be united because without this union there will be very little forward momentum.

As you develop in your mental abilities, you might realize that there does seem to be something working with you. Some call it different things, most like to call it God or perhaps luck. What this means is that you will find that things just seem to go your way or that some kind of amazing synchronicity takes place that puts you into the right place at the right time to get exactly what you want. But there will always be a moment when you have to act in order to get what you want. As your skill grows these synchronicities increase in power and in number. Perhaps, in time, you might realize that you are not struggling at all but that you’re really just surfing towards a better world. Perhaps there might indeed be a time when your life will seem like a dream were your thoughts and intentions are instantly materialized and it is perhaps in that destination where we are all headed. But until that time we must remember that we cannot just focus on the power of our minds and expect the world to bend its laws to our whim. We must therefore always make sure that we unite mental action and physical action because this is the best way to attain all the things that we dream of.

I have separated the articles that I present on this site, on the power of the mind over the physical world, into two separate sections:

  •  Making the Law of Attraction Really Work; this section gives you a basic understanding of the law of attraction and how your thoughts, feelings, and emotions create every single thing in your life. It also gives you some basic understanding as to how you can begin to control these thoughts and emotions in order to better your life in all ways.
  • The Power of Beliefs; in this section I present a far more complex methodology. A way to truly deal with those negative emotions that people that practice the basic law of attraction seem to have such problems with. I show you why it is that you must change your fundamental beliefs and not just your emotions and thoughts. I show you how to get out of a simple methodology, sometimes based on faulty concepts, that could create more problems than benefits. I essentially show you how to go beyond the basic law of attraction, and in order to do this I also present a much larger and more complex metaphysical system.


If you are interested in understanding the basics of the law of attraction and how it is that you might want to use it in your life, then I suggest that you read the articles in the first section. If you are someone who has already a sense of this methodology or someone who is already quite capable in this methodology then I suggest that you begin to read the articles in the second section. In the second section I show you methods to deal with some of the problems that you might encounter when practicing the law of attraction. I also outline a more complex metaphysical concept of reality, one that I think we all deserve as grown-ups. While I am posting this article in the law of attraction section, I hope that this article is a bridge for many, one that allows them to go into a far more complex metaphysical arena. This bridge article is presented with a desire to bring to light what I consider to be one of the greatest faulty assumptions made by those that practice methods that would allow their minds to overcome their physical circumstances.

If you are interested in the power of synchronicity in order to better your life, I suggest you read this article. The law of attraction works but you must never forget that you live in a physical world!



Combine Modern Technology with the very old Law of Attraction

A key precept of the law of attraction is the idea that you should try to ignore those things that put you in a negative mood. Essentially anything that you see out there in the world that causes you to feel negativity, can actually be detrimental to you. This is a very old idea, many would believe that this is a new theory or that it was first brought about by the new Agers with the “Law of Attraction” kick. The reality though is that this idea of focusing on things that you like and not focusing on things that you disagree with has been around for a very long time; if you don’t believe me then I suggest that you read anything written by the Christian Science movement, William Walter Atkinson, or even earlier than that anything written by those who practiced the Hermetic tradition.

It is believed that to pay too much attention to those things that cause you grief or those things that you do not like, can begin to bring those very things into your life. This happens, as it is believed by Hermetic thought, because the attention tends to bring towards it those things which it focuses on.

“As above so Below, As within so Without”

The more you focus on those things you don’t want, the more you get those things. If you have those negative things within, then you will experience those negative things without.

From a non-metaphysical bend, it is also a good idea to try not focus so much on those things that you find unappealing. It is often the case that when we go for a walk for example, that we begin to focus on those things that we do not like. We might begin to notice the bum on the street, the cracks in a highly uneven sidewalk, or the general hostile nature of some of the people around us. The more that we focus on these negative things, the more that we tend to feel bad and as we do so we tend to develop a negative attitude. If you do not believe that thoughts attract thoughts similar to themselves, that negative thoughts create a negative reality, then please realize that a negative attitude can cause negative outcomes. Like the popular phrase goes;

“Garbage in Garbage out”


But how do we keep our minds focused on those things we like and ignore those things that we don’t like? How do we train our attention to only pay attention to only what we want it to? Well this can be done and I have given you methods to train your attention in ‘other articles’, but its a hard thing to do at first and does require effort,  practice, and time. This kind of control over your attention is possible and has been done by many but what do you do while you are training your attention?

In this article I would like to share with you a simple approach that is quite easy to implement in order to focus your attention on those things that you like instead of those things that you don’t like. Using this trick:

  1. If you believe in the law of attraction, you can focus on more positive things and hopefully attract more positive realities.
  2. If you are not very metaphysical by nature then you can use this method to maintain a positive attitude which will allow you to create positive results.Whatever the case might be this is a fine method to attain/maintain a positive state around difficult environments.

This method is actually being used to great extent lately. The method I’m talking about, is the use of headphones.
Now if you look around you probably will notice that there are many people wearing headphones, and you might think that this is not such a great revelation. But the trick to this method is not so much in the technology that is used, but in how you use this technology.

First of all, start by getting yourself a real good pair of headphones. Get yourself ones that have those rubbery gummies at the end of them. Noise reduction earbuds, the ones that seem to have that little rubbery thing at the end sort of like earplugs, can greatly reduce the ambient noise around you. Get yourself a pair of good earphones or earbuds that reduce as much of the ambient noise around you as possible, this is most important.

Get yourself a real good MP3 player. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, you just want decent quality and the ability to do some kind of programming with the kind of audio that you will be putting into it.
With your MP3 player ready to go, create for yourself audio for distinct moods. In other words create audio for specific purposes and try to separate this audio so you can bring it up easily whenever you need it. Here are some ideas of different audio channels that you might want:

  •  Audio to get you into a happy mood; this might include some good music that you enjoy and that gets you into a mellow and happy mood. This can be anything from Mozart to Queen depending on your tastes. We all have music that we like so think back and make a good channel filled with this kind of music.

Here is the most important point. You should begin to use your MP3 player for more than just music. It is possible for example to get any book that you could ever want in audio form. It is also possible to get some fine poetry, you can also download radio programs that you might enjoy, and of course podcasts that you find enjoyable. This does not take a huge amount of technical knowledge, all you really need to do is punch in the name of the thing that you want in any search engine and you will be surprised at the amount of variety that you have to choose from.

  • Get some audio to put you in a very energetic state; if you like you could try some dance music or electronic music. Tastes vary greatly so please make sure that you choose something that you will love to hear and not something that I am mentioning just because I’m mentioning it. As I’ve stated above it’s quite possible to also get audio that is not music but will get you pretty pumped up. A great motivating speech by a charismatic leader for example can sometimes be a wonderful thing to listen to, to get you very pumped up and excited.


  •  Get some audio to tune yourself out of your current dimension; this is essentially what most of your audio will be doing. But think of this channel as the stuff that will allow you to completely transcend your current circumstance and just take you away somewhere where you really want to be. This kind of audio can be wonderful if you’re stuck in a bus for example or if you get a break from work and you wish to just relax and be somewhere else for at least 15 minutes. You could get nature sounds for this if you like. The sound of waves crashing against the beach or the sound of birds chirping on the beautiful day can instantly begin to transport you into that reality. A wonderful book, either fiction or nonfiction, that you are greatly interested in can instantly take your attention away from your current circumstance and put you in a dreamscape. You might want to download a favorite radio program; for example I love coast-to-coast a.m. so I download this sometimes and listen to it.

A friend of mine likes to get audio of trance inductions for herself and puts herself into a happy alpha state when she is on the bus. As long as you are not driving yourself, you can use this kind of audio to attain a happy, deeply relaxed state that should allow you to focus your mind with great ease. You can also download drumming sounds for shamanic work or any of the good audio material you can find out there designed to attain trance states. Get creative.

You see what you are doing when you try to focus your attention on something better is really to try to concentrate on something pleasurable, while at the same time trying to ignore those things that bring you down. This task can be very difficult if your senses are being assaulted; for example if you are trying to concentrate on something wonderful but all you keep hearing is the drone of traffic outside. While you might be able to visualize being at a beach while you are in a crowded place, it is much harder to visualize the sounds of being on that beach if all you can hear is people jabbering around you and cars honking.

Using a little bit of technology, an MP3 player with a good set of headphones, can give you that extra assistance that you need to be able to focus much more clearly on a desired event. Moreover with the assistance of audio, there is far less strain when you are trying to visualize something; the audio naturally allows your mind to pay attention to it and flow with it. With good audio the trick then becomes not so much trying to force yourself to visualize something but to focus your attention on something that you truly like; perhaps the sound of a sea breeze or an audio book of a great fantasy story. In this way you can train your attention easily, without having to visualize something ‘on top of’ the reality that you see before you. You are providing for yourself a better reality, one that you can pay attention to, and you are not trying to force yourself into thinking that you are actually enjoying the loud conversation behind you.

There will most likely be noises that impede upon your wonderful downloaded audio. Here’s the point where you need to train your attention; you do this by letting go of that external noise that you do not want to hear and make a mental effort to just focus on your downloaded audio. In a short period of time it should be quite easy for you to focus to a great extent on the wonderful audio that you have downloaded and to completely ignore the external sounds around you. It might even be the case that  you can hear much of the noise that is coming from outside your earbuds, but it is quite possible for you to focus on your personal audio to such a degree that that external noise is no longer of consequence.

The more pleasurable the audio that you can download for yourself and keep in your MP3 library, the easier that it will be to focus your attention on it. In little time you will have trained your listening attention to such a degree that every time that you put on your headphones, you will literally be able to completely escape this reality to one that you have created for yourself.

So remember to be creative with your audio. Remember that you don’t just have access to music, you can also have:

  • – audio books, which can include poetry books, religious books
  • – radio shows, comedy skits
  • – recorded speeches
  • – nature sounds, it is even possible to get audio of different locations like a street in little Havana for example
  • – trance inducing drumming, hypnotic inductions; either recorded by you or recorded professionally, binaural-beats.

Also catalog your MP3 audios so that you have audio to get you into different moods depending on what kind of states you wish to have, for example:

  • – audio for being in a happy mood
  • – audio to get you feeling energetic and full of life
  • – audio to get you to totally zoned out
  • – audio to get you mellow and relaxed
  • – audio to get you feeling powerful


The Connection Between the Mental and the Physical Planes

Many are starting to realize that they do have control over their future. That they can manifest things in their lives and that their conscious mind can affect the world around them. Unfortunately the amount of information out there can sometimes be overwhelming and it is difficult to know where to begin. There are also those out there that would give you answers that are less than truthful; like I’ve said many times a half truth is the most insidious of lies.

One of the many questions that people have when they begin to work with visualization and personal manifestation is what to do after they have visualize what they desire. I have in a different article discussed the idea of faith and how the definition for this word has been falsely interpreted. Since this is such an important topic, I would like to use different terminology in order to give you an idea as to what you need to do in order to help your visualizations along.

We live in a world of form; a material world. In this material world ‘action’ is the physical link to getting what you want. Spontaneous manifestation is a rare thing, our physical world is quite dense and it takes a whole lot of energy to create something spontaneously within it. Manifestation in the material world is always accomplished in the easiest way possible; it is therefore often the case the probability fields are slightly altered by the conscious intent. What this simply means is that instead of you creating a bag full of $50,000 in your lap, what is most likely to happen is that you will find yourself in the situation where you have the possibility of creating these $50,000 over time. All manifestation therefore involves some kind of physical action in order to link up with that probability that will set you in motion towards the manifestation of your desire. Action is critical here.
In order to perform the right action, at the right time and for the right reason, you must learn to ‘trust’ your inner feelings and impulses. Without trust, there is no belief and without belief you will either not see any omens and synchronicities or you will not trust the impulses that you have and therefore will not act on them.

Trust is a type of belief where you are expecting the best things to happen. You believe in your ability to create what you want and you believe that you deserve to have it. You can exemplify and demonstrate this trust in many ways. You begin by maintaining a belief in something even though the world around you reflects something else completely. You exemplify this trust when you talk about abundance even though everyone around you believes in scarcity and the terrible things to come.

There is a big difference between trust and hope. It is the difference between the kind of faith the most modern people have and what faith is supposed to really mean. Trust is believing and knowing that what you want and what you desire is coming to you now. Hope is wanting something with all your heart but not really believing that it will come to you. Trust is the ability to take a risk and in this way increase your personal power and your ability to believe in yourself.

If you have visualized acquiring more money for example, act as if you have the money for whatever you want. Don’t just believe this, take a small action, any kind of small action that will show the world that you believe that you have the money that you have visualized. How many times have you held off getting something because you believe that you don’t have the money to get it, only to discover that when you got that thing that you could have afforded it without any worries? If there is something out there that you do want then go out and look for it, visualize yourself having it, and take some kind of small step towards it. The ability to take action, even in the smallest way, demonstrates to the world that you intend to have what you want. Most importantly it will quickly begin to change the neural patterns in your brain, which is fundamental in creating and perceiving a new reality.

You must trust that there is a link between the world of your mind and the physical world that you see around you. This trust will allow you to develop your own personal techniques to get you from the time when you have visualize something you desire to its actual physical manifestation. When you trust that your dreams are already real on a mental plane, trust allows you to discover the perfect timing for their physical manifestation.

Pay attention to your inner guidance and your impulses. Act on these when you get them and trust in yourself and the world around you. Action is the connecting link between this mental plane and the physical one. Once your desires are real in the mental plane, it is only a matter of waiting and trusting, or having faith in this knowledge, until these dreams become manifest reality. Learn to act as if you have it; look around, shop, visualize, and take action.

How to begin to live Your Dreams Now

Many people would love to begin to do something meaningful with their lives. Many feel that they have a special contribution to make but that they haven’t yet been given the opportunity to make this contribution. You must realize though that it is quite possible that you could be doing your life’s work right now if you learn to focus on how you feel.

You can recognize when you’re doing what you really are meant to do because when you are doing it you feel alive and full of energy. This work or endeavor usually makes you feel good about yourself and it feels like it challenges you and inspires you at the same time. This type of work seems to be able to allow you to express fully who you are and it helps you evolve in all ways.

The problem comes when people fail to realize that they could be doing this life passion right now. That they do not need some special job or to go to some different area in order to begin to do your life’s work right now. If you examine your life you will realize that there are many things that fill you with the type of vitality and passion that I have mentioned above. It is possible that you are a parent and that you are full of passion and vitality whenever it is that you engage in making sure that your children grow up healthy, wise, and strong. It is also possible to pursue your life passions and goals through community activities and hobbies; you do not necessarily need to take some giant step and give up everything that makes you feel secure in your life in order to pursue that which you believe to be your ideal purpose.

Look within yourself and take note whenever it is that you feel fulfilled, alive, full of passion. These are the feelings that are letting you know that you are doing something that you are deeply committed to and that ‘is’, in essence, your life work or your life purpose. It is possible for example to continue at your regular job and still fulfill many aspects of your life purpose if only you learn to pursue those things that give you great joy and begin to focus on those things above all others. In this way you can begin to focus yourself more and more into those great passions in your life and less and less into those things that bring you no Joy at all.

By concentrating and studying yourself, you discover that there are many things in your life right now where you are truly fulfilling your purpose. Great feelings of joy and passion are what will guide you to discover these areas in your life. By pursuing these passions in whatever way you can, you begin to direct your life into the those areas where you find the greatest reward.

Doing this, you take a small step which is all that is really needed in order to begin to perform your life purpose. After you have taken that small step, you can take another and another after that. Eventually if you follow your natural inclinations and desire, you will find that you can find a job in an environment that you deeply enjoy, around people that you truly like, doing something that you find challenging and satisfying at the same time. Do not think that you need to move to a Third World country or take some crazy financial gamble in order to begin to do your life purpose. This great contribution which you are here to make begins right here at this moment.

As you start to identify those feelings inside of you that let you know when you are doing something that is truly wonderful and passionate, you will begin to identify the fact that doing many of these things involves using your skills and talents. As you begin to use these skills and talents, you will begin to draw opportunities and money your way. Through true self-expression, you will discover that expressing yourself enriches the lives of others and brings more light into the world.

Whatever your life work is, whatever it is that brings you feelings of passion and life, will help others in some way. When you help others in this way you begin to use your talents and since it is such a passionate endeavor, your skill will increase very rapidly. With greater skill comes greater demand and this demand will bring you more money and praise from others.

This is when you need to have a little faith in yourself and trust that even though it seems like there’s no great monetary reward in what you are passionate about, that if you keep doing what you love, you will eventually make far more money than you would in any other endeavor. Trust your heart and trust your inner feelings and realize that through following these feelings in order to discover your life purpose, you will be far more rewarded doing this than you will through any other means.

The True Meaning of Faith

Quite often faith is given a bad rap. But like anything else faith takes on different connotations depending on how you define it. Essentially our definition of different things, and words in particular, depends greatly on how we frame them.

Some people for example believe that faith is some kind of religious word; it is very difficult for them to see faith outside of some kind of religious worship. Some people, especially in this day and age, tend to view faith has some kind of positive New Age principal. Both of these definitions, or frames, unfortunately have a rather clouded view of what faith really is.

Faith is usually believed to be some kind of stance where a person should completely disregard any kind of physical common sense and believe that everything will be happening perfectly without any action on his/her part. As I say definitions can be quite a tricky thing, for example here the problem is not in the fact that you should expect better things and therefore receive them, but in the fact that you think you do not need to do anything in order to receive these things.

We must realize that we exist in a physical universe and as such we need to take physical action at some point in order to get what we desire. To think that you can just sit back and wait for it while everything happens to you perfectly can work to some degree but there will be points where you will not be able to get what you want because you are not willing to take the actions necessary to get your desire. If we ‘consider action to be thoughts manifest’, then you might have a better understanding of why it is that you need to take action sometimes and to a certain degree in order to get what you finally desire.

As an example let us say that you wish to pursue your life passions. In a totally random vein, let’s say that you want to become a ghost hunter. You possibly have a 9 to 5 job which you need to maintain in order to pay your bills and provide for yourself or your family. You cannot extricate yourself from the situation at the moment in order to pursue your passion full-time but you have a deep desire to do so.

If you were to consider this, it is quite often the case, and it happens with many people, that they will not pursue their goals until they find themselves in the perfect situation to do so. That makes all the sense in the world and the physical universe. This hypothetical person for example might not pursue his dreams to become a ghost hunter because he believes that he should be in the best possible situation financially in order to do so, to do otherwise would risk his family and situation. Our friend might try very hard to make enough money to pay for all the things in his life that he needs to and at the same time save enough money and have enough time to be able to pursue those things that he wishes to do.

Unfortunately this is the case for many of us and as a result most of us hardly ever pursue our passions. We are always expecting and working towards that one perfect situation that will allow us to do what we desire, but that situation never seems to quite present itself so we spend the entirety of our lives vainly hoping to have the time and the money needed to be able to do what we really want to do.

If we are to look at faith in this context then, we can see how faith truly has a purpose in our lives if we define it and use it correctly. In order for our friend to be able to follow his passions and become a ghost hunter, he must have the faith required to take a leap. Here a person should dedicate themselves to doing three things:

  1. Use whatever positive imagery or internal work they so desire in order to allow his intent and the world at large to provide those things that he desires.
  2. Do everything that he can physically to pursue his passions. Our friend should join groups or start paranormal investigations on his own, perhaps getting some cheap paranormal equipment until he can afford better product. It is also a good idea to try to creatively come up with better and better ways to search for ghosts on a limited budget and time.
  3. Have the faith to just take a leap, have the faith to take a small step and begin to pursue what he so desires now.

Faith in this case becomes a ‘confidence in the powers that be, but also a self-confidence in the self’. Pursuing something by doing some kind of mental work alone, will never get you there because the physical world requires physical action, there is a point where you must be able to take a leap into what you desire.

Our friend for example might find that if he is willing to have faith and begin in some in a small way to pursue his passions, that the world will help him by showing him the correct path towards his self-fulfillment. By taking action in this small way, and having the faith to believe that the world will provide for him, he will most likely discover ways and means to be able to do all those things that he desires in life.

Pursue your passions and have the faith to take a chance. Life is willing to give you exactly what you desire as long as you are willing to take that first step; which requires faith. Do not sit back and expect the world to give you everything just because you’ve visualized last Tuesday for 6 minutes. You must take a chance and take some kind of action, even if it is a small one, in order to allow your brain and the way that you see reality to change. Without this physical action there is no real faith because essentially you are not really taking any kind of chance. You must think of it sort of like Daniel in the den of lions; true faith is born when you’re willing to face those lions with absolute certainty that you will make it out of their and prosper to boot. ‘Action is just thought in motion’ and faith is the impetus required to take the smallest of steps towards your desired goal

How to Discover your Life Purpose and how to Benefit from this Discovery

So what is it that takes you from a life of drudgery to a life of fulfillment? Have you ever noticed that there are two types of people in the world;

1) the first kind seem to go to a job they do not like in order to pay their bills and/or in order to satisfy some kind of social requirement. These people tend to have low energy and they tend to feel that their lives are an endless repetitive cycle. The lucky ones use their families or some external activities to try and find meaning and passion, but for the most part many of these people feel like slaves to the system.

2) the second kind of people always seem to be full of energy and excitement. They work very hard but the job that they have is easy. It is easy because they’re doing something that they want to do and they are therefore willing to give it 100% all the time and every day. These folks oftentimes work even harder than the folks mentioned above but they always seem so full of energy and so happy about their own lives and what they are doing with it.

What kind of person do you want to be?

If you want to be the type 2 person, you need to discover your life’s purpose. Discovering your life’s purpose can be and infinitely rewarding experience, both in discovering what this purpose is and pursuing this purpose once you have discovered it.

If you think that you are the type 1 person then you need to begin by asking yourself; who’s purpose am I on? If you are going to a job or participating in a life that you do not enjoy then it is most likely the case that you are not following your life’s purpose but that you are helping someone else follow his/hers. This is not a bad thing fundamentally and it is sometimes your life’s purpose to help another person fulfill their dream, but you must realize that if this is actually your life purpose then you would be extremely happy and fulfilled in your current situation. Since you are reading this article, I would imagine that this is not the case. You must ask yourself therefore; why are you helping someone fulfill their life purpose while you are not discovering and pursuing what would fulfill you?

Perhaps my friend it is time that you change what you are doing. If you are unhappy and you feel that you are wasting your time or that you are doing some kind of repetitive work that is draining you slowly every day, you need to change what you are doing right now. This change must come first and foremost through personal realization and then through personal discovery.

There are times also when a life mission is chosen for you. Did you choose the life that you are living now? Often times there are responsibilities placed before us and it seems that it is impossible for us to refuse them. Sometimes a person inherits a profession that they do not basically enjoy but feel obligated to pursue this career because of responsibilities. Other times people feel that they must pursue a certain line of work or action because this is the only way to provide for those that they love.
If you find yourself in a miserable life situation for either of these reasons, understand that you can change now by ‘first realizing that you are pursuing something that you do not want to do and then discovering what your true life purpose is’.

Never fail to make the right choice for yourself. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we do not like because we failed to make the right choice at the right time. It is never too late to change and that choice to change your life is always present in the moment. The choice is yours to pursue or not pursue that which would fulfill your being. It is all right if you find yourself in a purposeless life because you did not know that the choice was yours; BUT you now know that the choice is yours and that the ability to choose your own life direction is always there waiting for you.

Begin to make this positive change now by asking yourself:

  • What is it that is really important to me in my life?
  • What is really important to me in my work?
  • What is really important to me in my relationships?
  • What would I fight or even give up my life for?

By answering these questions you will realize what is truly important to you. By finding out what is important you find out what your values are and ultimately what’s your life purpose is. Answer the above questions honestly no matter what the answer is. Sometimes we realize that these questions are truly important in order to develop a fulfilling life but we fear answering them because we believe that the answers will show us that we are selfish or unspiritual.
It takes a strong and brave heart to find out who you really are. This strength will help you not only in discovering who you truly are and what you need to do in your life but it will also help you to develop the strength of will to pursue this life that will satisfy you. Do not let others or the world around you be your judge; personal fulfillment is about realizing the self and contrary to popular opinion this ‘self realization’ can only benefit the people around you.

The key to having a life of happiness and fulfillment is to have purpose and the only way to find out what your purpose is, is to find out what you want to do. It’s really that simple to say but it can be something quite difficult to do. Take a sheet of paper and answer the questions above. After you have answered these questions ask yourself; what do I want to do?
Be honest! Be strong and for a little while forget about the rest of the world and all of the responsibilities you believe you have. Discover yourself and your true desires, do not edit anything just right in free flow so that you can let your emotions out naturally and use them as guides discover what your true purpose should be.

Once you have all this material on paper, study it and examine what it is telling you. In order to have a fulfilling life try to figure out how achieving your purpose can serve others. You might realize for example that what you really want is just to live by some warm beach and contemplate life. At first glance this might not seem like something that is very related to helping others but if you are a little creative, you will discover that there are many ways that you can do what you love and help others as well:
You could work at some coffee shop by the beach, helping others by providing good service. If you have the means, you could open up a scooter rental shop by the beach, this would also allow you to spend your time on this warm place that you desire with plenty of time for thought and personal introspection.

Start out small and work your way up; by focusing on the idea of how you can help or serve others doing what you love to do, you will be able to discover ways that you can make money doing your life’s purpose. What starts out as a part-time job by the beach can end up being you starting a meditation retreat for those that feel as you do. Allowing them to have that peace, quiet, and knowledge that you also deeply desire. The difference between a scooter rental place and a meditation retreat is in how much you are wanting to give of yourself; ask yourself what do you want? By doing this you will always be doing something you love and fulfilling yourself in the process.

The steps therefore are as follows:

  1. Realize that you are or are not happy in your current life situation.
  2. Discover what your life purpose is by asking yourself what you want to do and what is most important to you in all aspects of your life.
  3. Look for ways that you can combine your life’s purpose and what you love to do with how you can serve others. In this way you can discover how to make money doing what you love.

There are two types of people in the world. The choice is yours to choose which kind of person you want to be. While it is possible that you were not aware that this choice was yours, after reading this article you should now realize that the choice is always there for you, waiting. Choose to live a life of personal fulfillment and you will never lack energy or happiness; and if you are a little creative, you can also become as wealthy as you want to be.




Is the Law of Attraction Real? Here is a Way that You Can Explore the Issue for Yourself

The law of attraction is a big deal for many people. Indeed it has become a very big North American cultural icon that has changed the way many people go about their lives. This is no small thing because it means that many people are starting to take conscious notice of the thoughts that go through their minds, taking responsibility for these thoughts because a growing number of people are beginning to believe that these thoughts directly influence the reality that they perceive.

Theories in advanced particle physics, have demonstrated that many of our more mechanical ideals about the nature of our reality are wrong. Quantum mechanics for example has opened the eyes of many to the incredible complexity and the holistic nature of our universe. It could be said that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for many of those who thought that science would actually create a permanent rift between mind and matter.

But there is no need to be a quantum physicist to prove the law of attraction. Indeed this is not an article written to try and prove or disprove this law but an article designed so that you can begin to personally study the power of your own focus/attention/awareness. Because it is this power of focus that somehow seems to be able to completely change our reality.

The law of attraction states that all similar things seem to attract themselves. Moreover it says that individual thoughts have electromagnetic properties that make them highly magnetic to each other and that thoughts of a similar nature (or vibration if you prefer) tend to attract each other. The idea being that if you focus on and maintain thoughts of a personally positive nature, you will be able to attract more of those thoughts and therefore be able to become more positive in your life.

This is something that many can agree with, to a certain extent (using their own theories and physical nomenclature). NLP for example takes this for granted that positive in equals positive out, and is therefore a system designed to allow you to take control of your internal space (your mind) so that you can control your external space (the world at large). That is if you are in a positive state and can get those around you in a positive state, you can get positive results.
Many psychiatrists and psychologists will also agree on this point. They of course do not use the law of attraction to try and explain such circumstances. One theory that they have can be explained sort of like ‘selective attention’; they believe that the mind has far greater control over the subjective state and the subjective awareness of the individual than was previously thought possible. Through the conscious control of attention and thoughts, a person’s mind has the ability to firstly control feel good chemicals within the brain such as endorphins and secondly has the ability to control the perceptive ability of the person. How this works is that:

A. By having positive thoughts and acting in a positive way (like smiling), you are able to control the feel good chemicals in your brain so that by thinking and acting in a positive way you feel good and become more positive.
B. By focusing your thoughts in a certain direction, you control the way your senses perceive the world around you. Scientists now theorize that we actually perceive a huge amount of data subconciously but that we are only consciously aware of so much; that our consciousness actually ignores most of the perceptions that we have and only perceives those things that are at the forefront of our attention. The best example of this would be to say that, when we are in a positive mood we tend to see positive things around us and we tend to ignore all those negative things that do not agree with our positive state. The world doesn’t change, your perception of the world changes.

There is a rift though because those that practice the law of attraction will tell you that this is just the beginning; that thoughts have the ability to create reality and that you can gain far more than just a positive state and a positive outcome through mental control. Essentially the belief is that thoughts are ‘things’ and that these things are the fundamental properties of the universe, and through them you can create reality. That is thoughts don’t just attract a positive outcome they can also create matter; that when enough thoughts of similar property get together they actually intensify in vibration, as it were, and can create something that we would consider physical. All matter therefore is a gestalt of highly concentrated thought.

But is there a way that you can test these theories on reality yourself? Is there any way that you can attain a kind of peace of mind as to the nature of your own reality? Well, with these questions in mind I have put together a little exercise for you that was originally created by Robert Anton Wilson. With it you will be able to begin to try and contemplate the nature of your own existence; an exercise that might allow you to begin to see the great wonder of your focus/attention/awareness:

Try to imagine as vividly as possible a quarter(money). For 5 to 10 minutes try to imagine the fact that you are going to find a quarter in the street, do this 5 to 10 minute exercise every day. See how long it takes before you find this quarter lying around in the street somewhere. This might take a bit of patience but stick with it and see how long you can go before you find this quarter on the street.

Now when you find this quarter I want you to try and explain this incident through the use of ‘selective attention’. That is try to tell yourself that you found this quarter because of the fact that there are lots of quarters out there but that you were not aware of these quarters because your mind was focusing on different matters. But that thanks to your exercise in visualizing the quarter, you have now created an alternate focus/attention/awareness that has allowed you to discover one of these many quarters that you usually just walk by. In other words, tell yourself that through selective mental focus you have been able to redirect the kind of attention that you give to the world around you.

Go looking for another quarter.

Once you find the second quarter, try to explain this happenstance to yourself by believing that you have mentally created it. That is, tell yourself that the mind is all-powerful and can create anything that you want it to as long as you are willing to focus your attention in the right way. That is explain to yourself, and believe, that the reason that you found the second quarter was that you actually manifested it by creating it through the power of thought force.

Try to find a third-quarter.

Compare the time it took you to find the first, second, and third quarter. Which one took longer? Why?

When you found the first quarter, what feelings did you have and what did you believe about what you were doing? Explore these feelings and these beliefs. Discover what these beliefs tell you about what you believe about the nature of your reality.
When you found the second quarter, did you find it easy to believe this theory of selective attention? What beliefs and feelings did you have during this facets of the experiment? Again question these beliefs and examine what they are trying to tell you about what you believe to be the nature of your reality.
Finally, how hard was it for you to believe that it was thought force that actually created this quarter for you to find? What beliefs or feelings did you have? Explore these beliefs in order to understand yourself better.

This exercise might take you a while to complete because it is directly based on your ability to find those three quarters. It is though an incredibly powerful exercise that will allow you to begin to truly question the nature of your reality. It will also allow you to question those thoughts and beliefs that you currently have but that you did not know you had because you were not willing to go this deeply into these kinds of questions.

Why is this so important? It is very important because whether you believe that the world is somewhat controllable through ‘selective attention’, completely controllable through the power of thought force, or a random event where thoughts play no particular role, you will be able to discover where you truly stand on these issues. This is important because some people like to tell themselves that they believe this or that but deep down inside they have beliefs that are contradictory. The greatest power that you can possibly have is congruence* and the only way that you will be able to achieve this congruence is through complete self-understanding.

*congruence = Agreement, harmony, conformity, or correspondence. In this case, it means that every part of your being believes the same thing.



Use ‘Self Talk’ To Create Your Future Reality

Many people want change in their lives. They believe that this change is very difficult or perhaps impossible. Many therefore become disillusioned with themselves and their lives and believe that their lives are not their own but that they are controlled through exterior circumstance. Many fail to realize the power that they have over themselves because they don’t understand the power of their conscious mind in directing everything that they do.

If people were able to discover just how much power the conscious mind has over everything that they do, including those things that they believe are outside of themselves, they would be amazed at their own power. In order to begin to realize the kind of power that you hold, it is a good idea to begin to understand how much your own internal conscious dialogue affects your external and internal world.

Most of us are not even aware of the scope of this internal dialogue. You must realize that we are constantly talking to ourselves and that there is seldom if ever a time that we are not engaging in some kind of self talk. This talk is continual and affects every single aspect of our lives. It is basically constructing our world in most ways, in that it tells us exactly how our world should be and how we fit into this world. Without this self talk it is quite possible that your entire universe would collapse before you and it is this self talk that creates all of the things and situations that you see before you.

See if you can go through a day trying to be conscious of this internal self talk. This can be a very difficult thing because we are used to letting this internal dialogue happen on its own. Try though for a day to just pay attention to the thoughts that you have during the day, this internal self talk can be experienced as visual images, as a voice of yourself talking to yourself, or as the kind of feelings that you have and the habitual emotions that you experience when confronted with certain situations. Most will find this kind of exercise quite difficult since it is something that we are not used to doing. It will take self-discipline but even if you can pay attention to this internal dialogue for a while, you will be amazed by how this internal dialogue shapes the way that you see the world around you. What is even more amazing is that this internal dialogue is also responsible for what you will experience, because it will focus your attention and your intention in the direction of its choosing.

It is the case though that you have far more control over this internal dialogue than you realize. You can control this dialogue by discovering your personal beliefs and by realizing that beliefs are things that can be changed if you are not happy with them. It is also the case that you can try to more consciously manipulate this internal dialogue so that you are talking to yourself about things that you find more positive to you personally.

I good exercise for example is to find a quiet place where you can be alone and not be disturbed; and start to consciously talk to yourself about something. It is a good idea to start doing this by talking to yourself out loud. In other words you have to have a fine discussion with yourself out loud and discuss some topic at great length. As you talk to yourself, it is very important that you become aware of your internal feelings and try to listen to that inner voice. If you’re good at this it is quite possible that you will be able to have a fine discussion with yourself where you speak out loud and then use your internal feelings and that inner voice to discover your own internal replies. You could for example talk about the future golf game and discuss the merits of this game and whether you believe that you will win or not. If you are able to listen to your internal dialogue and the responses that it gives you, you will be able to essentially discuss future probable outcomes and be able to manipulate these future probable outcomes by changing how you feel or what you believe these outcomes will be.

By engaging in this personal self talk you will discover incredible things about yourself. You will discover your beliefs about certain things and if you probe yourself enough you will discover why you believe what you believe. By talking to yourself you will also be able to question these beliefs and change them if you have to and in this way actually change what you experience now and in the future. Try to turn this internal self talk, and internal dialogue that is most always unconscious, into a conscious external personal questioning of yourself. If you can learn to talk to yourself consciously, you will access the great power of your intent and focus.






Word Game To Understand The Power Of Focus

Many believe that it is very difficult to change your world. Many believe that the way that you view reality is final and that you cannot change these perceptions. It is a fact though that you view the world through your beliefs and you can change these beliefs whenever you choose. Some also like to believe that changing these beliefs is impossible and that their beliefs are true fact about reality and life in general. It is very important that those that have those ideas change those beliefs first and foremost so that they can begin to create the kind of life that they want. For those that do not find this possible, there are some simple methods that can allow you to see the true power of your focus, that can show you just how much change you can make by slightly changing the focus, and essentially the beliefs that you have.

Words for example are a wonderful way to begin to change how you focus and what you focus on. By changing the words that you use and the words that you focus on, you can greatly alter your reality. This change in focus can show you just how powerful your consciousness is and can give you the kind of hope that you need, by showing you how to change anything in your life with mere words. By changing the words that you use, and seeing the consequence of this change, you can begin to understand your power. You can essentially completely alter your perspective in life and in this way completely alter your reality.

As an English speaker you know for example that there are thousands and thousands of words that you can use. Most people’s vocabulary is basically based on how many words they understand and use in everyday language. It is believed that the average person uses about 2000 to 3000 words and this is the lump some of the average vocabulary. Those that are considered very intelligent and articulate usually have a vocabulary that’s about 10,000 words. It is this vocabulary that we use to define our reality in many ways because it is the way that we talk to others and more importantly it is the way that we talk to ourselves.

You can imagine for example that there are thousands and thousands of words in your head right now floating freely as it were in your subconscious. You draw from these words and from this vocabulary and using infinitely complex calculations you arrange these words into a meaningful statement in order to make yourself understood. Most of this work is unconscious and needs to be because the kind of calculations required in order to create this meaningful communication are quite complex. You can discover this easily by paying attention to yourself and realizing that you often times will not know how a sentence will end or develop when you start it. But you do take it for granted that you will be able to speak properly and that your mind will work in a perfect way to create a cohesive statement that will be understood by others.

The lump some of the words that you do use though tend to be used through conscious action. That is you filter out the words that you will use based on what you believe to be correct. You consciously therefore decide on what is meaningful and you allow your mind to naturally provide the words that you need in order to express this meaning. You can do a funny trick though, instead of directly trying to access your beliefs, you can try to just change the words that you usually use to express those beliefs. This can allow you to discover the power of focus, which is shaped by your beliefs, and in this way discover your natural ability to change your perceptive reality.

What this exercise entails is for you to choose positive words for example instead of what you would consider negative ones. For example instead of saying that it is a gross day, you could say that it is a day that is full of potential. You could for a little while change all the negative words that you normally use into more positive words. By doing this, even for a little while (a day perhaps), you will begin to see a great change in your perspective. You will begin to realize just how powerful your representational system is in filtering out what you see and what you don’t see in life.

Through this exercise, this you should not be maintained for very long, you will begin to glimpse at the power that you hold. I suggest that you practice it a number of times so that you get to compare the perceptions of your personal reality through one set of regular words and then through a set of overtly positive ones. In this way you will be able to see the contrast more sharply, and this contrast will show you a greater understanding of your personal reality and power.

Once you begin to make these great realization’s about the power that you hold over your reality, you might find it much easier to begin to work on yourself in order to develop the kind of life that you want. The vocabulary exercises is just an exercise. In order to make meaningful change in your life you will need to begin to work on your beliefs because if you don’t do that you will basically be in a constant state of war with yourself, forever vigilant trying to alter negative words into positive ones. This can create problems with personal repression that can manifest into greater and greater problems of a different kind. But by working directly with your beliefs you will be able to discover the fundamental nature of your being and change that being at its core. In this way you will be able to change your reality at its foundation and there will be no internal struggle in this way.






Fun Imagination Game To Help You Create Your Ideal Future

Pretending is fun. It is a healthy mental activity and it actually makes us happier and healthier. Through daydreaming and pretending we are able to create a mental scape that can alter our mental focus and change our physical bodies. This physical change is possible because the body can act on vividly imagined thoughts as if they were real. Through vivid imagination therefore you can create mental images that can have an incredibly positive effect on your entire psyche and physical structure.

As kids we find it incredibly easy to pretend and dream about all sorts of things. As we grow up though we tend to become far too rigid in the way that we express ourselves consciously, we tend to think of pretending as being childish and therefore greatly limit are conscious ability. This is sad because the only reason why we stopped this incredibly powerful mental ability is because we allow the beliefs of our society to dictate how we will act, even in our subjective and highly personal lives.

The following exercise combines pretending with a little dreaming to create a fun game. This little game is a fine example of what you can do on your own to make your life more entertaining and happier. It takes your pretending and turns it into overdrive by combining good old-fashioned wishful thinking with some physical activities that make this daydreaming very powerful.

Write a letter to a made-up friend. Pretend that this letter is two years in the future and that you are describing your life to this friend because you have not seen him/her in a long time. This future life is your ideal life, and you must be as specific as possible because this is a good friend and you want to let them know how things have changed for you. On the letter tell your friend where you now live. Also tell your friends what you are doing now; tell them what your new job is or whether you are involved in something that you are deeply passionate about. Your friend will also want to know who you are with, who this person is and how wonderful they are. Your friend will of course want to know what your hobbies are and what your new interests have become. I am certain that they will be deeply interested in what your days are like and how you go about your life and this ideal future.

Now take this letter that you have written and print it out. What you will be doing is that you will be mailing this letter to yourself, you see you are this wonderful friend that you are writing to. Take this letter then and ‘snail mail’ it to yourself. When you get it back in the mail, open it and read it out loud to yourself in an enthusiastic and happy manner. This is a letter from your future self, telling you about what life is like for you in this wonderful and ideal future that, while probable, is still quite possible. Keep this letter around and read it to yourself every day for the next three months. If this is too long for you then read it for as long as you like, but the more that you read it to yourself the happier that it will make you feel and the more that it will be able to affect your future.

Try to be as specific as possible in your letter. This game has many wonderful benefits; by creating your ideal future you focus your mind in the direction of this probability and therefore make it possible for this probability to manifest itself physically. The game is a happy one and breaks consensual routine as to what grown-ups should be doing and is therefore a great way to expand your imagination and your mental possibilities. It is also a wonderful motivator to get you to physically move in the direction of your ideal future. Learn to pretend like this and to create your own fun games so that you are able to benefit from the incredibly powerful abilities of your imaginative mind.





You Must Develop Clear And Precise Focus

Clear focus is essential in personal success. Without clear focus you will not know what direction you need to go. Your forces will be scattered and you will not be able to put enough of yourself into the objectives that you wish to accomplish. Finding focus is sort of like being a laser, instead of shooting all of your energy in a scattered direction, you focus this energy instead into one singular task.

In order to find focus you need to know your values. Values are the importance or the preciousness that you feel for something. Discovering your values is perhaps one of the most essential things you can do for yourself, without this knowledge you are essentially flying blind. While personal desire will give you some clues as to what your values are, it is far better for you to be able to discover these values precisely on your own. If you would like to have a better clue as to what your values are, I suggest you read the article How to Find Your Personal Motivations.

Know your vision. What does your ideal look like. As you visualize what you want most in life, what does it look like to you? Your vision is sort of like your shambhala; that wonderful and mythic place that you must find and represents your perfect ideals. In order to truly become passionate about what you’re doing you will need to have a quest. This quest is the search for your vision, for your mythic place. Vision is like your focused direction, it is your yellow brick road.

Know your goals. Know what goals you need to accomplish in order to get to your mythic place. Discover your short term and long term goals and make sure that you know them well. Examine your values again and evaluate how these goals relate to your values and to your vision. Goals are the objectives that you need to do in order to create your vision and are therefore the physical action part of your life. By discovering your values and your vision you can create the kind of goals that you know will lead you to fulfilling yourself.

Always remembered to measure all your choices against your vision. Discard anything that is wasted energy and that moves you away from where you want to go. Once you discover your vision make sure that you stay on course and that you always measure any course change against your final destination. Reevaluation and self examination are critical and must be done on a regular basis.

Success is all about focus and focus is all about finding your inner vision and your inner desires. Remember that you want to be like a laser that is focused exclusively on the things that you want instead of being scattered all over the place with no type of order. In order to achieve your success you must stop wasting time. Time is precious and you cannot afford to waste it on actions that will not lead you to your vision. Get focused and you will succeed.

Learn To Act On Your Impulses

A very interesting character in Taoist mythology is a fellow called “act on impulse”. He’s a great teacher that teaches you to ‘go for it’ and I think I particularly like him because he shows us mere mortals how we can take advantage of the situations around us. He would basically act without thought but his actions were always correct because by not thinking he was actually thinking in a deeper level.

It seems that we all have such complex lives now. I wonder what our ancestors would think about the kind of lives that we now have, with all our technology and fast paced craziness. Since we have such complex and busy lives it is sometimes very difficult to see a good opportunity when one presents itself. It is imperative then that we learn to relax and that we learn to take time for ourselves.

When you are able to relax your are far more aware of the impulses that you have. Being able to feel these impulses and being courageous enough to act on them is key to taking best advantage of any opportunity that presents itself. An impulse can be said to be a sudden urge or desire to act. The current belief is that these impulses are just random and chaotic feelings and emotions. We are all told that impulsive actions are careless and primitive, that they will only lead to wild and unproductive action.

There is another school of thought though the believes that these impulses are far more complex in design than we currently believed them to be. This school of thought believes that impulses are the end results of huge internal calculations that involve subconscious material that is far too complex for the conscious mind to process. Impulses, seen in this way, are powerful natural indicators of conclusions that have been arrived at through data crunching that is beyond the conscious mind.

If this is the case, and I believe that it is, then it is very important that you learn to act on those impulses that you feel throughout the day. The reason for this is that these impulses are indicators of opportunity, that your conscious mind has missed but that your subconscious has discovered through its vast array of information and processing power.

Sometimes these impulses go against conventional wisdom. Sometimes it is the case that logical conclusions differ from impulsive desire. What you must realize though is that these impulses are arrived at through information that is beyond linear sequencing. What this means is that while logic and conventional wisdom tend to take on a linear approach, inner wisdom can arrive at conclusions using complex equations that go beyond a simple mechanistic framework. For example it might be logical to take the most direct route to a desired goal but you have the impulse to follow a completely different route altogether. While you’re impulse might seem somewhat illogical and go against conventional wisdom, your conscious conclusions might not have taken into account an infinite amount of variables that your subconscious did consider. It could be that the subconscious took into account, weather patterns or nearly unnoticeable clues that lead it to believe that the fastest route is blocked or dangerous.

If you ask anyone that is considered a genius in his or her field, you will always discover that they place great importance on their inner voice. Whether the person is a great business success or a scientific genius, they tend to be people that follow unconventional wisdom and have great trust in their inner intuition. This intuition is fundamentally an impulse that they have learnt to listen to and to obey. If you wish to excel in any field, I also suggest that you learn to listen to your impulses.

In order to take advantage of opportunities you must be in the right place and at the right time. Sometimes even if you’re off by just a little bit, you will not be able to take advantage of just the right opportunity that can greatly increase your success. Being at the right place and there at the right time involves calculations that are far too intricate for the conscious mind. Your subconscious though can make these calculations and makes these calculations whether you are aware of it or not. In order to take advantage of these great subconscious calculations you need to listen and act on your impulses. In order to take advantage of any and all opportunities you must do as the great Taoist master and ‘act on impulse’.







Learn To Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

A great way to begin to understand yourself and the reality around you; is to learn to let your thoughts pass by unhindered, as you pay attention to them.  This way you will discover the flow of your reality because it is the case that your thoughts create the world that you see around you.  Whether you believe in the metaphysical concept of ‘the law of attraction’ or not, thoughts do create your reality.

A thought clouds your judgment and focuses your attention.  It tells you what to see and what to avoid, it indicates your beliefs and is therefore completely responsible for the way you see the world.  With the complex ‘brain scanning’ now available, scientists have seen the power of thought. Scientist have seen how thoughts can completely alter human perception and physiology. Hypnosis and vivid imagination have been studied in this way and have shown themselves to be incredibly powerful at affecting perceive reality.

These tests prove that thoughts are important.  They prove that it is important to know your thoughts because they play an incredible role in perception and therefore future action.  This perception and action create future events and it is therefore the case that your thoughts create your future reality.  Those that would tell you otherwise do not understand human psychology and are most likely clouding their reality with beliefs and thoughts that they are not aware of.

I suggest that you try to find a way to study your thoughts.  To pay attention to the sequence of thoughts that runs constantly through your mind.  You can learn to do this if you give this important task enough attention and effort.  I can guarantee that it will be one of the most important and rewarding things that you can do with your time.

A simple way to begin to do this is to see your thoughts as an never ending ‘train’ that flows past you.  See yourself as standing in front of these train tracks while this incredibly long train goes past you.  Each box car represents a thought that you see from your perspective.  You are stationary but your thoughts flow by endlessly, changing the panorama in your mind and providing a constant source of interesting and amazing perceptions.

With this exercise or by trying another one that you like, you will realize that you are not your thoughts.  You might realize that many of your thoughts come from you, while some seem to come from somewhere else.  But the most important thing to realize here is that you are not your thoughts.  Your thoughts exist projected by you, or perceived by you, but you are stationary while your thoughts flow by endlessly.

You can also learn, with this exercise, to only focus on those thoughts that appeal most to you.  To do this all you have to do is to pay more attention to those things that interest you.  Your attention is the guide that will focus your mind, and therefore your thoughts, in a particular direction.  Doing this will allow you to freely contemplate ideas that you find of interest.  It will also allow you to learn eventually to control your mind so that you are not at the whim of the circumstances around you.

It is an incredibly powerful realization, the realization that your attention creates your reality.  That your attention focuses your mind in the direction that you want to go.  Fully realizing this fact can be life altering and can totally change the direction of your being.  Learn to pay attention to all your thoughts, learn to watch the flow of your thoughts as they pass by, and you will discover the forces that change your reality and develop your inner being.






I Repeat, Do What You Love And Money Will Follow

I know that it is an often repeated line now that, ‘if you do what you love, money will follow.’ It is also possible that you have read quite a lot on the subject, but I think that it is really important that you keep reading things on this concept until it really starts to sink in.

Why is it so important to keep repeating this statement? It is important because repetition is a wonderful tool to help you condition your mind. The boys on ‘Madison Avenue’ have known this for decades and will show you a commercial as many times as they can get away with it. Unlike them I think that you should use this power of repetition for your personal gain instead of theirs. Read and keep reading all of those articles, posts, and ideas. Keep reading those things that make you feel good, or try to show you ideas and ideals that YOU think are worthwhile and positive.

Why is it important to repeat the idea that ‘if you do what you love, money will follow’? It is important for a number of reasons;

1.    It is first of all a true statement. This is perhaps the most important point to try and convince someone of because if you really believe it then you will start to incorporate this belief in your own life (to great personal benefit). It is true that you can make money doing something that you don’t like or something that you are totally indifferent about. But this is usually far more difficult, especially if you don’t like what you are currently doing.

The simple reason for this is that if you are doing what you love then you are passionate. Doing what you love gets you excited, it increases your energy and when you accomplish something, you feel satisfied and happy.
In order to do well at something, you have to be pretty good at it, and the only way to be good at something is to either have a natural talent or to work at getting good at it. It is very difficult to work at things that you don’t care about or that you hate. The mere thought of having to get up to do them is very difficult. Everything is a chore and you have to develop this incredible discipline, that sounds wonderful on paper but is really a terrible thing to have to put yourself through; especially in lives as short as ours.

Working at what you love on the other hand is easy and fun. You want to do it, it’s your hobby and it makes you feel excited just thinking about what you might want to try next. In order to make good money at something, you have to be pretty good at whatever that something is, and you have to be willing to put in the extra time and go the extra mile. When you are doing your ‘life work’ it is super easy to put in this time and effort. It’s not really effort,  you either do it or you do not feel satisfied with yourself. And even if you never get rich at doing what you love to do, you won’t care because while others work away, you are playing with your hobby.

2.    Repetition as I have already said will help you change your beliefs. There is another phrase that gets shot about a lot now a days, “you get what you focus on”. This phrase is very true and will work to change anything in your life, whether you are conscious of it or not. You do not have to believe in Metaphysics to realize that your attention is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used for good or ill.

By focusing on one thing, you exclude something else. You cannot see everything so you choose (or others choose for you) what you will pay attention to and what you will ignore. Repetition trains for attention so that you start to focus more on that which you keep repeating. Then that focus and attentions take over and naturally guides you to your goal.

3.    This is always worth repeating because it is something that will make you happy. Doing what you love will make you happy. Getting paid for doing what you love will make you even happier. Since this is a the simple truth of the matter, then repeating this belief is always a good idea; it’s good for you because you want to be happy!

4.    This belief is worth repeating also because if you believe it and start to implement it; it will begin to fulfill you. We are all here to try and fulfill our values and doing what you love will allow you to grow and expand your personal being.

In order to grow and expand, it is very important that you start bringing out all of those wonderful things inside you so that you start to create your ideal life. You grow and expand as a spiritual being by doing and creating those things that bring you joy. If it is true that, if you do what you love money will follow, then it is also true that doing what you love will expand your being and fulfill your soul. So really how can you lose?

Finally, just start out slow, and remember that what you love tends to change with time so be prepared to change and grow as you develop your potential. Start from where you are right now, trying to do more and more of what you love during your spare time. Eventually you will discover how you can make a difference with your passions. And as you grow and develop, you will change and expand these passions, and they will lead you into better and better ways to help others and yourself. Good Luck!

Advanced Personal Thought Control

I know that I have given you some ideas on how to control your thoughts and emotions on other articles. In this article though I want to give you a technique that is definitely more advanced. I think that if you follow my writings and you have some experience in mental control, you will find that this technique is a natural extension of what has come before.

This technique will allow you to control negative and compulsive thoughts and emotions. While I have as I said given you other ways to do this, this method does not involve any visualization or mental trick as it were. You begin to practice a direct exercise of your WILL; that is, you WILL something to be the case and it is the case. This is very useful because other methods mentioned tend to use a visualization crutch which is time costly and is difficult to do depending on where you find yourself.

There are many times when negative and debilitating emotions assail us. These emotions can be the result of internal ruminations or the result of external influences. Whatever the case, when you are in the thick of doing something important, you need to stop these emotions quickly. Thoughts are quite often the culprits here since all emotion is cause by thought, whether we are conscious of the thought or not. But again, whether these are thoughts or emotions, there are times when self-examination is an impossibility. You could be in a difficult situation for example and what you really need at the moment is self-control.

Thought ControlWhen you find yourself in the situation mentioned, where you need to stop an emotion or thought quickly, you must exercise advanced thought control. To do this you must WILL yourself to stop thinking the thought that keeps popping into your head or you must WILL yourself to stop feeling what you are feeling. It is as simple as that really. The simplest, quickest, and most advanced method of thought control is WILL.

The doing of course is always the big trick in all of this; how do you train yourself to be able to WILL yourself to stop this emotion or thought cold. And the method is as simple in explanation as the answer; biofeedback. Using biofeedback people have trained themselves to do amazing things: slow or speed up heart rates, lower or raise blood pressure, change brainwave patterns, lower or raise insulin levels. All of these things are autonomic which means that they are not supposed to be under the control of the conscious mind, yet with biofeedback normal people are doing in months what it took Yogis decades to accomplish in the past.

But don’t get worried thinking that you will have to go buy some expensive electronic gear. All that you need to accomplish this advanced thought control is already available within you. You see, every time that you have a thought, whether you are conscious of it or not, you have an emotion or feeling. This feeling is always registered in the body, and the most common way that you register these thoughts and emotions is through tension.

So, there you have the only two biofeedback controls that you will ever need:

  1. You will either feel an emotion or
  2. You will feel some kind of tension or displacement in your body

With these two gauges you will be able to train yourself to WILL yourself to stop any thought or emotion. The process is really a matter of concentration, focus, and effort. The most important things here are concentration and focus. The effort will change depending on how powerful the thought or the emotion is but all can be overcome easily with intense focus. Do remember that this is Advanced thought control.

To explain how to begin to do this, let’s use an example; Let’s say that you have to walk across a really thin ledge that is many stories off the ground. Trying to do this, you are probably really sacred. What is going on here is that you have a belief that you’re a going to fall to your death. You are probably having many thoughts that are replaying all sorts of scenarios in your mind at that moment. It is quite possible that these thoughts are happening so quickly that all that you are really aware of is the deep and powerful fear that is paralyzing your entire body.

What you must do then is to WILL yourself to stop your fear. You can do it, have confidence in yourself. You will instantly know how well you are doing because your fear is your barometer. After trying to WILL yourself for a bit; do you feel any less fear? Do you feel just as fearful as before?

Well here is some help, the fear will create incredible tension in your body. If you can, try and focus on where this tension is on our body. Perhaps your thighs are incredibly stiff and you can barely move your legs, or perhaps your stomach is in a knot. Concentrate on these areas and WILL them to relax, Breathe deeply and WILL these body parts to relax. Try to work backwards at first until you get the hang of it; Will your body tensions to relax first, then Will your fears down, and finally WILL those negative thoughts away. At this advanced stage, do not try and replace the negative with a positive, just become empty in the moment. If you can stop the tension and the emotion, you will find that your thoughts will also quiet down, and if you can’t completely stop those thoughts then no worries because thought without emotional energy is powerless.

Concentration is what you will need in order to stay vigilant enough to keep an eye on the thoughts and feelings that you are having. And then to be able to separate the body parts that are tense or feel a bit off. Then you will need to focus completely on what you intend to happen. In order to be able to WILL yourself yo do something, you must be able to focus completely on your intent so that the only thing the you are conscious of is what you are intending. Without this focus you will not be able to do what you intend; your WILL will lack the power to do what you are asking.

Aside from this there is not much more that I can say. You must practice and keep practicing until you can develop the kind WILL that can do as you bid. There are a number of articles here that might help you to develop your concentration and focus, you might want to start with Learn the Power of Concentration.

Never use this method alone and stop ALL the bad emotions and thoughts in your mind forever. All negative thoughts and emotions must be examined or you will end up hurting yourself. I hope to write future articles on the importance of this self-examination and how to go about it.